Should the military be allowed to recruit at high schools?

  • I am 17 years old, a junior in high school, and I am going to the marines, I think it is a great opportunity.

    Some people might disagree with my opinion because they see all the negative in the military. They think we just go out and kill but that is not the case. We support our country and protect millions of people around the world. The military is a great opportunity for who ever joins.

  • Why Not?

    I honestly think that it is okay for students in high school to be recruited, because I am 17 years old, a junior in high school, and I am in the National Guard. I love it. I go to basic training soon and I'm super excited. I see it as a great way to get my future moving in the direction I want it to go. And its not like they make you. You can choose to do it or not, but why not give students in high school that option?

  • Absolutely

    It refills the ranks and gives young men and women the chance to give back to their country. Its an all-volunteer force and no one is making anyone serve. Do you want the draft to come back? That's the choice, recruit in schools and find those that want to serve, or draft those that dont want to.

  • Your Choice

    Your choice. If you don't want to enlist dont but dont speak on behalf of everyone else. dont look at it from a civilian point of view but as a soldier too. apparently most of the peple that vote against the military mainly talk about being a waste of money, apparently people are more concerned with money than protecting other people.
    what would happen if we dont have a military??? not financially. Foreign countries would be happy to see that.

  • Sure.

    It IS a valid career. I'm in high school, and it's not like the recruiters come around and FORCE you to join the military.
    They tell you the good, and they tell you the bad, encouraging you to make an educated decision based on what you've heard. In the end, I think parents just don't like the military hiring in schools because they don't want their children in danger, even though in the end, it is not their decision to make.
    I plan on joining the military when I graduate high school.

  • Of course. And they already do.

    I remember taking the ASFAB test I high school (I think that's the right acronym). Later a recruiter went over my results with me. It was offered to everyone in school, but wasn't required. It didn't significantly take me away from my studies. The military is a career just like many others. They should be allowed to speak to students when time allows.

    Posted by: DAC
  • Why not?

    The military needs soldiers, is a solid profession, and can really help. I don't see any real reason to prohibit letting the military recruit. It's not forcing anyone, if you want to join you can get more information and if you don't want to join then you don't have to do anything. If no one even knows the military has job openings, we'll have to start drafting people when no one signs up of their own free will.

  • Recruiting in public schools should be allowed.

    Being a public school, they are obligated to provide recruitment information to high school students. Just because someone enlists, or commissions into the military it does not mean their life is over. In fact, I declined a full scholarship and enlisted in the U.S Army. It has it's ups and downs yes, but what job/school/event in life doesn't. It is what you make of it; you receive what you put into it like anything else. I feel it is an honor to be entrusted with the responsibilities that I'm expected to up hold. In today's society, teens have no respect for anyone except themselves, the military will straiten them up.

  • During a career day, I do not see why the military shouldn't be allowed to recruit at high schools.

    The military is a viable option for a lot of people. If the presence of the military is during a career day or perhaps pamphlets in the office, I do not see a problem with them getting recruits. While not everyone is going to join the military, they do offer some rather good scholarships and some people want to know more. I would have a problem if they were not speaking just to seniors though.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Since high school is when most people decide on a career, it's right that they be given information on military careers at this time, as well as other fields.

    Part of the duties of a high school is to prepare its students for the working world of adults, and that includes helping them choose an appropriate career for themselves. The military is one such career choice, and a very good one at that, for those who are inclined to it. However, a school should also provide career fairs that introduce students to other fields of work, and make it clear that the choice is theirs alone.

    Posted by: RuthlessFreddie29
  • Children only see the romance not the horrors of war.

    War destroys our world one soldier at a time. No soldiers, no war. Really, you don't get that if the banksters held a war and no one showed up there may be changes. We are not allowed to sell children alcohol, but we can sell them possible maiming or death of themselves and others.

  • This must stop

    High school students are too young and have more to experience in their lives. If they go to the military they will be seeing things they should not see in that young age like death, blood and people fighting to the extent of killing each other. These kids should have a choice in their life and they should be able to have options in terms of the path they would want to take. These high school students are the hope of the future and not all of these talented high school students will be sharing their REAL talents if they need to go to the military.

  • It isnt fair!

    As a high school student, I've been pulled into the Military Recruiting, they call my house and I'm not even 18 yet. I have no idea what i want to do with my life, so why do they feel the right to come into my school and sugarcoat the Military, it isnt fair that they trick students into a life they probably shouldnt even be a part of. If you want to be in the military, I feel like you'll apply. I don't see why we should even defend a government when there isn't one.

  • Scandalous

    1.Provision of the No Child Left Behind Act that guarantees military recruiters access to schools. Schools could lose their federal Title I aid if they fail to comply.
    2.Recruiter’s advise enlistees on how to cheat the system, allowing people with criminal pasts and medical conditions that would otherwise prevent them from enlisting.
    3. High schools are selling lists of names, numbers, and addresses to recruiters for 150 dollars.
    4.ASVID tests are being given to students with out parental permission.
    5.The Army, which accounts for almost half of the military, has had 722 recruiters accused of rape and sexual misconduct since 1996.
    6.Recruiters are targeting poverty stricken areas because they believe the military is the best alternative next to college.
    These facts speak for themselves!

  • Would you send a kid to war?

    Because if we are not responsible enough to drink or smoke then why should it be okay for us to get guns and be sent to war? Teens don't think about dying, we think, oh wont it be cool when I come home with all those medals. It is careless of adults to throw us in the combat zone to think and act as adults when you don't even trust us to drive without you in the car. That's my two cents.

  • The military should not be allowed to recruit at high schools because schools should remain free from any influence.

    The military or any other company or governmental agency should not be allowed on high school grounds. Such recruiting should be done at fairs where students, with their parents, can chose to go without being pressured into doing so (because "the teachers say it will be good, or most of my friends are going, or they will give us a burger".) Schools should remain an area free of any influence.

    Posted by: NWinters
  • I do not think the military should be allowed to recruit at high schools, because I believe the students are in too vulnerable of a position to make such a long-term decision.

    In high school, kids can barely decide what to eat for lunch, let alone decide whether or not they want to make a 15-20 year commitment to a career. I believe recruiters often make being in the military out to be some kind of a fairy tale, promising students the world, and yet failing to outweigh the negatives with that world. They use the fact that teens tend to act impulsively as a way to get a quick and easy recruitment.

    Posted by: baranokonrei
  • The focus of students should be their school work not recruitment efforts.

    If students want to join the military they may seek recruiters on their own time. Time in school should be spent on school work not on military recruitment. Students should not be exposed to recruiters if they do not want to. It should be the choice of the individual.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • There should not be a military.

    I support the rights of students to make an informed decision about their future careers, but some career options just should not be available. Asking the military to recruit in high schools is like asking drug dealers or smugglers to recruit in high schools. I am always happy to debate whether there ought to be a military in any given country.

  • To young, No fight!

    In my opinion i think that teenagers are not responsible enough to be going and shooting guns. Like some teens can't even drive and they are going to go join the war that's balls. Once you join the war there is no leaving! So they might get home sick and want to go home but they can't.

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TrinitHall.o says2017-02-03T17:17:19.553
Their forcing everyone boy or girl to sign up for military against will. No one wants war. Some guys think it's cool cause of video games but I have family who military ruined. I have video too of them camping out at our school.

The teachers few days ago passed out papers and made us sign up. I refused to sign. I'm woman and just turned 18. I wanna go to college and live not kill people for the government and rich people