Should the military be allowed to recruit in public schools?

  • Yes. I believe they should be allowed.

    I believe that military recruiters should have a prevalent presence in high schools because many students do not have the mode of transportation to get to a military recruitment station. My recruiter is located approximately 55 miles from me, and I am glad that my recruiter came to my school to talk to me about a career in the Armed services.

  • Military Defends Country

    The military is not as evil as it seems. Recruiters should be allowed on campus, because frankly, many teenagers at my school fail classes consistently and have no hope of further education. The military allows them a fresh start and new opportunities. Not everyone in the military carries a gun you know!

  • Lucky it is not mandatory to serve

    I have been serving in the USAF for 11years, and after traveling around and noticing most countries require their nationals to serve at least a 2 year commitment; opens your eyes!!! We need to really remeber who gives us the right to run our mouths with the freedom of speech.

  • U.S. marine 2006-2011

    I've noticed that not a single person against recruiters in school really have anything to say with any good back up, except their own personal views which don't matter to such a topic. I was enlisted the start of my senior year of high school. The best decision I ever made. I knew I wasnt going to college if I didn't join, no money and lack of drive hurt my gpa. Once I left active duty I'm a much better student, school is covered, I'm focused, driven, and a lot more respectful to others. I'm a better person and I would not be this way if my recruiter didn't visit the high school. It opens up door for those like me who have limited to no options. It turns boys and girls into men and women. On another note, everyone I ever met that enlisted knew they were going to war and 99% excepted it. Why do you ask? Because they are the few willing to step up and fight, not hide behind those that do fight. So don't go crying say that students don't know better. Colleges do the exact same thing as military recruiters do.

  • Military member

    I think that the military recruiters should be allowed in schools. First, the government funds much of our schools in one way or another. Second, for those that say schools are for learning, the high school student will learn the options available to them. Third, colleges and universities recruit for their school sports, this is not educational, it is to find better athletes in order to have winning teams in order to make me money, not educate the student. As some have commented, we are not all born into money, some of us must take a job in order to pay for school, why not basically get a scholarship from the military?

  • A great way to give high school kids an opportunity to get an education that will help them in future years.

    The U.S. military has been stretched dangerously thin by the American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus, the military has a lot to offer: good pay, money for college, and the chance to see the world.
    The presence of military recruiters in high schools does not force students to join the military; it simply alerts them to an option.

    Posted by: R4di0Chad
  • I don't think it's harmful to let students know about their career options in the military through recruitment in public schools.

    For many students a career in the military may create opportunities they may not otherwise have had. As long as recruitment efforts are not aggressive, I think presence of military recruiters in the public schools is acceptable. It seems unlikely that a student who has a much different plan for his life after high school, or one who is resistant to serving in the military would be persuaded to join the military because of the presence of recruiters in his school. Meanwhile, students who are interested in joining the military or who are still assessing a variety of educational/career options will be able to educate themselves about what military service would mean for them more easily.

    Posted by: EntiDean
  • I think the military should be allowed to recruit in public schools.

    I believe that the military should be allowed to recruit in public schools. If schools can hold job fairs and allow prospective colleges into schools, the military should be allowed as well. Some kids aren't able to qualify for financial aide and otherwise unable to pay for college. The military offers kids a way to pay for school, and offers others who wouldn't go to school ordinarily a chance at a career.

    Posted by: CiriHug2
  • The military should be allowed to recruit in public schools because there's no good reason to disallow it.

    The military should definitely be allowed to recruit in public schools because public schools are one of the best places to find potential soldiers. Every kid has the choice to join the military at some point or another anyway, so they might as well know what the military is all about at a reasonably early time. It truly is the best future option for many students (ones with bad grades for example) so these kids deserve to know about it.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • I believe the military, like colleges, should be allowed to recruit in public schools.

    I believe the military should be allowed to recruit in public schools. Students are deciding what they want to do with their future, and that is one of their options. It is the best way for students to get information about what opportunities await them, such as college, military or work. Military personnel visiting public schools are simply providing information for students and are not using unethical actions to get them to join the military. It is very similar to colleges attending public schools to recruit new students.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • I think they should not.

    I am 100% against this. The government are just looking for weak prey to join the military. Why do you think they go towards high schools and not colleges? They know that high school kids are younger and not as intelligent as college students. These kids are too young to make decisions on their own.

  • No pawns for profit!

    Military recruitment is unethical as it stands, and has no business in any school, whether private or public (those idiots go to private schools too). At least they don't discriminate against boys anymore, as they approach women too, step in right direction. The U.S. Has got to stop playing global cop in disguise of "fighting for our freedom and security", with naive American people falling for this marketing spin. We as parents work hard to teach our kids strong morals against violence. Military is like the mafia. No child (boy or girl) deserves to be approached by these high Hitler style quota seeking inhumane recruiters. There is nothing "patriotic" about sustaining our wars, which only bring our country down.

  • NO!!!

    No. Just because the military and public schools are government institutions does not mean that those who aren't lucky enough to afford private school should have to go to war.

  • I do not support this as I have always thought the age to enlist is far too young.

    If we don't let children drink alcohol until they are 21 why on earth would we let them enlist at 16. Young and impressionable the army recruiters have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to make our young boys and girls think this the only option for them. They make it look glamorous, noble, exciting and financially rewarding. This is just not the reality as any new recruit just out of boot camp will tell you. The recruit kids so young is a crime. Let them go into colleges if they must but not our schools

    Posted by: Chr0Iviobile
  • No right to propoganda

    I diaprove of the military i pray soldiers die in Afghanistan (Land of the afghans) soldiers are just americas terrorist there is only one army that i support and that every one who has strugle is loyal to and in the mujahideen the mujahideen will kill all of these terrorist scum who fight for colonaztion and inperisalism and puppet governments

  • No, they should not.

    Children do not typically possess the mental development to understand the gravity of the decision to join the military, preparing for war and violence. The military should not be allowed to recruit those under the age of 21 due to the numerous problems associated with under-age drinking that is prevalent in today's military. I spent three years prowling high schools as a recruiter for the Marine Corps in the mid 90s. High schools were the bread and butter of recruiting. I say keep the recruiters out.

  • No way!

    Kids need to get a college education before they go blow their future to pieces. As much as I support our troops, kids need to know all their options when it comes to a life commitment! One thing the recruiters don't go over in their orientation is the high risk of dying in the field! There is absolutely no benefits to this! Critics may argue that it gives kids a back up plan, but kids feel forced to participate in this because they don't have time in their life to think about what they might want to spend their life doing; some may refer to it as "peer-pressure." I strongly disagree with this. Not to mention that these recruits are minors and cant even sustain a place to live on their own, yet pay their bills... etc.

  • No high school students are not mature enough to make such a desicion that will change there life forever.

    An army recruiter is no better than a car’s salesman they will tell you anything to get you to sign up and once you do you’re stuck. They say oh it's just four years and they pay for college. They will avoid telling you about the inactive duty where you are likely to be deployed again and this time not with your friends so instead you will be convinced to reenlist so you can stay with your group. From there you are bribed with bonuses to continue to extend your contract and once you get to the 10 year mark you might as well stick it out tell retirement to have the benefits for life. It is not just a 4 year commitment. The recruiters know high school students are an easy target they won’t ask a lot of questions and will believe anything they are told. You will never be the same after the army in some good ways and some bad.

  • I disagree that the military should be able to recruit in public school because minor children should have a parent's involvement in a decision that can change their lives for the worse, forever.

    Military service is dangerous and rigorous. The training is a sort of brain washing. Children are not in a position to know what is best for them or understand the gravity of what they are exposing themselves to should they join the military. If the clergy wanted to enter a school and recruit kids to be ministers everyone would be up in arms. The military is no different than religion in that it requires discipline and sacrifice and is responsible for the mass murder of billions of people since time began.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • No way!

    No way!!! children in high school are not mature enough to join the military at that age. they should goto college and graduate before chosing to goto apply for the military. By the time they graduate they will be mature enough to understand the difficulties and fears that will probably await.

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How do you cite this?
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Anonymous, everything here is opinion. Why are you going to cite it?
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Haxis288, why do you think that the US military in Afghanistan are American terrorists? Why would you compare us to terrorists like the ones that DESTROYED THE TWIN TOWERS?