Should the military be allowed to recruit students in high school?

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  • College isn't an option for everyone

    I do support the US military recruiting high school students after they graduate from high school to join the military and here are three reasons why;

    1) College is not for everyone. Although a majority of graduating high school seniors attend college today, some high school graduates do not go on to college for various reasons. Joining the military can lead a high school graduate into a career path that is beyond the battlefield, especially if you come from a part of the country where professional opportunities for jobs are limited.

    2) Joining the military can help pay for college. Branches of the military will pay for your college education if you join the military and serve your country.

    3) It provides job training skills for someone who isn't ready to go into the workforce if they have no plans on going to college. Today, high school graduates who don't attend college are most likely unable to find a full time job right after high school with benefits. Joining the military helps graduates obtain job skills that they can use once they transition out of the military and into the private sector.

  • I am slightly more no than yes.

    My impression was that they were already recruiting students High school. I mean, is that not what ROTC and JROTC are for? The all my friends and acquaintances that were a part of that practically were military and joined after high school. Assuming that we are in wartime too, the military can you still draft high school students just as well.

  • Nope it would be wrong

    So many kids in high school I can remember could not take direction at all and rebelled at every chance they had with authority. Also High school students can range from ages "14 to 19" depending on when they graduate from middle school. So it would be awful to ask a 14 to 17 year old "hey take this gun and go into this war zone where its open season on everything and everyone, that includes you".

    Also training extremely young child to fight and kill is just wrong!

  • Children in high school do not know what they want to do with their life

    And are very easy to brainwash/convince.

    How can you take children who are not old enough to Drink, Drive or watch an R Rated/18 certificate movie and put them into a warzone situation.

    I don't know what country you are asking from but high school age in the UK is 11-16, and it's just far too young.

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