• I think we should

    I think reinstating the draft is a good idea. Although my ideal draft would look something like this. At age 16, you would recieve your draft letter and you would be summoned to your nearest army centre. You would then be issued your uniform and put straight to work.

    However my idea of what the training would entail is radically different to what most people would think. I think that everyone should be offered a specialisation (say working in the combat engineers if you want an engineering / mechanical career, or placed in a medical unit if you want to be a doctor / paramedic). This would form the apprentice phase of the training. The second phase would include standard military training (primarily focused on character building, physical training, and defensive firearms training). This would be a one year program. Upon completion of the program, you will recieve an official qualification certifying all the skills you learned in your apprenticeship phase (demonstrates skills + hands on experience to employers) as well as a graduation certificate (received at a final unit ceremony) which marks the end of your national service. I believe this form of national service would eliminate the skills shortage seen across the country while producing disciplined, good citizens

    * I also believe that everyone aged 18+ who's capable should be registered as a reservist until age 50, and that all reservists complete a 2 months combat readiness course to refresh all the skills they learned in national service + prepare them in the event they are called into active service.

  • Service to your country.

    I don't think it entirely matters if you are called to service for something you think is unjust. If your country asks upon you, you better damn serve. All people need to learn that to have freedom, you need to give something back, my own life if it need be.

  • Yes because of...

    People in the army are risking their own lives for our freedom although statistics found that while more than three-quarters of Americans over the age of 50 had an immediate family member who had served in the military, among Americans ages 18 to 29, the share was only a third. About 6 in 10 of those ages 30 to 49 have a family member who served. Thats a good chunk of the US population in war to save us from war.

  • Personal Choice.

    The military draft should not be reinstated. There is no major crisis that requires more troops than we have. Those who want to defend the country, do and that is very honorable. However, no one should make them if they feel like they are not able to handle the job. It's a choice.

  • So you think the military draft messes with your freedom

    America is a free country? Yes! Yet also the answer to that is no. We are only free if we are being governed by laws that are not instituted by governments. Per say morale laws like what is right and what is wrong.
    America in not a free country you can't go do whatever you want. You can't take someones car and drive away.

    So then why do they call america the land of the free. First of all our national anthem was made when we separated from the British ( aka we freed ourselves from the British) also we are free to choose whatever religion we want big difference between religion and you are free to do what you want.

    Now in america there are laws to tell us what to do and what not to do. Now the military draft may not be one of those laws. But there is a law called the selective training and service act of 1940 (aka the military draft)

    so i wanna clarify you don't live in a free country. You are governed by laws so when the law says that you were picked and that you have to abide by it and go in the military

    the fact of the matter is we aren't free nobody is.

  • America needs troops

    If there was to be another large-scale war and we were short on troops, then we could have way more losses than if we just accepted the draft. Even if there wasn't a large-scale war, we need to prepare for one, especially with the current rivalry between us and North Korea

  • Do you guys bother to think???

    Just so were clear, i read a fair amount of those who said no, most claiming it didnt make sense, people wouldnt try, or it was too painful and in the pasts too many drafties died. The draft would only be used in a serious war situation (like a World War) which is one of the few cases it would make sense. As for people not trying, generally when someone starts shooting at you, instincts will take over and you will do what you have too. Is the draft painful?? Yeah it is, but people dying after being drafted doesnt mean the draft was in vain. Their deaths are what won the war, their commitment to a fight, and the inspiration they gave other soldiers is how we get through war. Also someone made a comment on how we shouldn't be sexist by making all men go.......You need to go hit the books lol. I agree in the fact that we shouldnt be sexist in the draft, but i get hwy they do it the way they do. If 2 men and a woman are stuck in a fox hole in combat, Both men will likely give away more info to an enemy to protect the women than to protect the other man. Its not the draft trying to be sexist, its them trying to make sure that all soldiers on the field understand what they must do and how they must act, despite genders. If we can avoid war, we should, and keep blood shed to a minimum.
    One must also realize that although we have the greatest military "might" that does not mean we have the manpower for that might. While we own the most firepower, less than 5% of US citizens enlist, unlike 12% in WWII. So in that sense alone, if another big war was to come up, the draft would be perfectly valid, and needed if we were to make it.

  • If you wish to become a citizen of a nation, then you should be capable of taking up arms if called upon.

    By the time that you're of legal age to enlist in the armed forces, then you've obviously chosen to stay in the US or move to the US to become a citizen. To have the freedom that we have, people died for it to preserve the peaceful rights to not enlist. Therefore, it would only make sense that you could return the pay by enlisting if called upon.

  • The volunteer force is decreasing rapidly each year.

    I myself support the U.S. should bring back the draft. The only reason i am agreeing is because if we ever go to war with another country ever again which could possibly happened again, if we dont have army soldiers to protect us then we would be a failer country. Our country needs more troops just incase another war happens ever in our history which could possibly happened again. Having soldiers to protect us from the terrorists then our country would be safe and protected again anytype of terrorists out in this world.

  • Volunteer Military is More Expensive

    In order to keep volunteers reenlisting, they are paid incentives. These Incentives are additional to what they are already paid for tours. The government is practically BRIBING soldiers to reenlist because there are not enough volunteers. Less than 1% of us citizens are actually involved in our military. With the draft we can have more soldiers when needed.

  • Its not right

    It is not okay to force people to do something. If we have a draft it can cause us to loose because people who are made to fight might not actually try. People have a right to choose and if you are forced it interferes with your freedom of life

  • Forget the draft

    Forget the draft. I was in the Army back in 1972 and I saw draftees that couldn't do no more than two push ups at the start of basic and three once basic was over. There were others who were borderline retarded or just not cut out for the military.

  • The draft has caused enough pain

    In WW1 there was a total of 4.8 million US soldiers. 2.8 million were drafted into WW1, 38% of those who died in WW1 were drafted that is pain that people did not need to go thourgh. In WW2 33% of all US soldiers death were people who drafted. In the Vietnam war 30.4% of all US soldeirs were who died were drafted. These were all unessary death that did not need to happen.

  • It a pain

    It is just a pain to go do something you don't want..... J/.J j j j j j j j j jjjj jjjj jj j j j j j j n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • Everyone deserves to live their life freely

    Every person deserves to live their life and be able to decide whether or not they join the military. War is a horrible thing. Also, imagine if you were a parent and one day they demand for your child to be taken away to go fight and most likely die. Unless you are inhumane, I highly doubt you will be happy with them going.

  • No Need waste of supplies

    Our military is one of the best we have so many supplies and so many men that there is no need to Reinstate the draft so we really need more people getting killed, And we should not presser young men fight for there lives. And we do not have the funds to pay for a war or reinstate the draft we would be in more debt that we are

  • Absolutely no way

    On top of what I just stated. There are apprx 20 million illegals in this country that will not be drafted . We will send our own family members and citizens for the defense of open borders. Bull I'm all for legal immigration that's basically how we all came here. What happened to this country. It's a ploy .

  • No, the draft does more harm than good.

    As a veteran who engaged in a war I did not believe was right, I often feel aggravation that I had to be involved when many did not. However, the military works so much better when it can rely on those who volunteered then when citizens are forced. It would be just and it would be fair, but it doesn't work as well. Better to rely on those like me who are willing to kill to be able to afford to go to college.

  • Inexperienced and Unwilling

    People who are forced to join the military are inexperienced. They have most likely never been in the military before. It would cost the military more money and take a longer time to train them. Also, people who are being forced to join will probably be unwilling to join and not give it their all, because the military ripped them from their family and their home. An army full of unwilling soldiers who are not giving it their all will not be the best defense for America.

  • Let it be a fair option

    There are many people with family and children whose goals in life are to be just that a mother, a father, or a wife and husband and not to be drafted in to the military. Some people fear the military, so why should we force these people to sacrifice their lives from their families and love ones when there are many people who are willing to serve and fight for this country.

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