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  • They should be paid more than athletes.

    The men and women over seas fighting for our safety and well being should be paid more. Its not that they want millions for there service. They have families and bills to pay just like anyone else. But professional athletes get paid way to much for what they do. Anyone can be trained to do anything what makes athletes more special than anyone else? It gives young children and immature teens unrealistic beliefs they'll go into the NFL, NBA etc....

  • Barack Obama is a horrible president that doesn't realize what his millitary has done.

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  • Yes They should get paid more!

    The people in the military go overseas and risk their lives
    and get paid around 30000 a year when you have people like professional athletes who get payed over 100000 to play. IF there was no military then their would be no sports in the united states. The military is what makes us free enough to be able to go out and play in different areas.

  • They should get paid more,

    Military are out there risking there life's, and protecting "us" so in my case they should get paid way more than athletics/ sports. Athletics and things like that are just for entertainment. On the other hand Military is fighting over seas just for the right to freedom. So my answer is yes, they should get paid more.

  • Soldiers should get paid more

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  • Yes they should

    I feel that men or women in the service should get way more money than an athlete because they are fighting for our lives.They have bills and probaby a family to take care of but no body sees that all they care about is basketball players winning the chamionship. Thats not right though it should be an even playing field

  • Yes they need to get paied

    Who ever says they shouldnt get paid have no god danm hearth they but there like on the line to save us from the rest of the world why people running up and down feilds and ice rings get payed 25 aleast million a year why siolders get paied 20-25k a year

  • A man in a helmet protecting our country should be paid more than man in a helmet playing a sport

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    Any citizen willing to RISK his life for any country in the world that joins part of a army should get paid more than any athelete, all atheletes do is thow footballs, kick soccer balls, dribble balls, and they yet get paid up to 25.0 million a year? Really? But someone who gets up every morning and does drill and sweats their ass off to earn the respect to wear the uniform only gets in between $20-25K a year to start...Obviously that's not right. For me military personnel should have amazing pay scale not something shitty

  • Umm i dont thnk ya get it

    1) who pays the soldiers to go out and fight? Taxes, so its not even possible to pay them that much
    2) who pays the athletes? The sports franchise that makes the money from the people paying to see them play.

    Bottom line money has to come from somewhere. Its how capitalism works.

    Now from a moral standpoint:
    As a Veteran, i never needed much money, as I get free medical, free rent, freed food, I don't even really need a car. So in reality I got paid a lot more than most of you think because i had no bills.Really throwing money at young soldiers is not a good Idea trust me, we were pretty immature and dumb with the money we had

  • No, definitely not

    Athletes play for money. Soldiers don't. They fight for their nation and its pride and safety. Yes they should get paid more but i said no because i don't think the gov't would be able to afford it. If they did then they can become greedy and lose concentration. Due to that greediness there will be a gigantic increase in the number of people joining the army. Soldiers will fight for money rather their country. I hope i never see that day.

  • Promoting Violence over Sports

    By giving the military a higher pay than athletes we are indirectly giving the message that violence is okay. Morally it is wrong as the athletes of our generation create a good influence on the nations children. If the military force was higher paid the message that violence against violence is okay. In fact I see it as if all military were paid low wages than we would have no armies and through that no wars.

  • Athletes, Military Not Comparable

    Athletes, especially those that are well qualified and paid heft salaries, are uncommon and rare. Athletes spend the majority of their youth training to specialize in one sport that they are suited to and they are brought into huge franchises, that accumulate money from the games themselves, the products they produce and sell, and more. Thus, allowing the few best athletes, to paid large wages. Military personnel, however, are signing up for a career with the government and receive a wonderful benefits package and fair pair, plus other perks. Yet, they are not quite as rare as athletes, so no, I do not believe they should be paid more, because it's two totally different fields of work.

  • Easy as pie

    Not everyone can be a professional athlete, You have to be gifted with the ability and hard work. You're saying that Joe Blow joins the army and fights over seas and gets paid more than a man who has put in 15 plus years of practice and hard work into his career. If you put in 15 years of hard work into the Military you will get paid well, so... No big deal...

  • Athletes are way over paid

    Soldiers, sailors, firefighters, police officers all keep us safe and are willing to put their lives on the line 24/7
    The united states really has its priorities backwards.
    I love sports as much as the next guy. But six figures ?
    Give me a good old Friday night high school football game over the pros any-day.

  • Yes they should get paid more.

    Men and women go over seas and risk their lives to keep our country safe and free. They also have many bills to pay and some may have children to take care of. Their wives/husbands can't do everything at home on their own. Sports stars just play sports and get paid millions. Anyone could do what they do if there trained right.

  • Troops should be payed more

    Our troops risk their lives to fight for our country for a small wage. While pro athletes make millions of dollars a year to sit on the sideline. The veterans and active duty officers get little to no recognition, but that comes with the job. Today our society would rather watch a football game than support the military and that is very sad. If you know in your heart and your mind that you made a change then that's all that matters. I think there should be a change.
    The average athlete salary is around 1 million for soccer players, 2 million for football players, 3 million for baseball players and 5 million for basketball players. The athletes play for the entire world to see and without the athletes it wouldn’t affect many people. Without the troops our country would be controlled by Britain and taken over by terrorists. The average troop receives about 99,000 dollars a year and 60% of that being non-cash compensation so in reality they only make about 50,000. That 40,000 in non-cash compensation goes to housing, health discounts and insurance. That is not enough to buy a house, pay of credit or have kids. A wise man once told me “If you love what you do that's all that matters,” and that is true.
    The reason I choose the topic is because joining the Air Force is one of the career path I ponder about every once in awhile. I am not writing this because I want more money if I join in the future.I am writing this because today we don’t have to worry about our house exploding or being in constant lockdown because of our military and I think they deserve an award even if they have a small of a job as a secretary, they still help our nation. The government takes care of its workers but what they give you is the bare minimum and that isn’t always enough to get by on.
    On the flipside all pro athletic organizations are privately owned which means that the owner can choose to pay the athlete how much they want. There are about 1,301,300 active duty U.S. soldiers, and to pay them each 3 million dollars would cost the U.S. over 5 trillion dollars, that is 27% of the U.S.’s debt as of 2016. The more military personnel the government has to pay it makes the U.S. or any other country unable to afford to go to war. Without war the military would be a police group.
    The hero's overseas in a helmet fighting for our country should be paid more than the hometown show off. I am not saying pay them millions of dollars but they will most likely have debt to pay off, families to support and or bills to pay.

  • No they shouldnt

    The football player get their money from the franchise and marines get it from the government and the marines are fight for are freedom not for money so that is y i think that the marines shouldn't get paid that much but neither should the the football players they should just get paid regular like every one else that is just a wate of money they should just be playing for

  • Impractically expensive and illogical.

    The men and women serving in the military number in the hundreds of thousands, it would be nearly impossible to pay them all better than the highest paid athletes. What's more, service members are government employees, whereas athletes are in the employ of private, corporatized franchises who can afford to pay them however much they'd like.
    Simply put, its not a matter of *should* we pay the military better than athletes, but *can* we; and the answer, unfortunately, is no.

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