Should the minimum legal driving age be eliminated?

  • I think it shud!!1

    I am 8 and alwais want to run away from home it would help so much if i could driv too. My mum and dud r alwais fiting. Mybe if i run away it wuld make themfocus on eechother than on me. Help legelize this pleeease! Thnks 4 readin :))))))

  • YES! The driving age should be eliminated.

    Teenagers would be able to drive when their parents felt they were responsible enough, rather than the government deciding that for them. They would learn to be responsible and cautious at a younger age, which will help these teens later in their life. Many kids who are 11+ start baby-sitting. If they had a license, they could drive around and expand their business.

  • Kids are bad

    Now i'm 11 but i know kids at my age higher or lower should not be allowed to drive kids are not responsoble kids get distracted easy younger texting on phones older texting there girlfriends and stuff so we should not be allowed they in a matter of fact rais the time to start driving is the age 24 the exact day you get out of collegde idk how to spell it ok.

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  • Lowering the driving age? NO

    The legal driving age should not be lowered Because kids are most likely to get into accedents and drink and drive and smoke weed while driving. They are not ready to drive a truck or a car.The economic problems would go up and sky rocket thru the roof. I state my answer.

  • The minimum legal driving age should not be eliminated.

    The minimum legal driving age should not be eliminated. If anything the driving age should be increased by a year or two. It takes maturity and some logic to be able to drive without the risk of damaging yourself or someone else. I think younger people then sixteen year olds should not be allowed to drive.

  • Probably not a good idea

    A minimum driving age is necessary because many of the motor skills and abilities that are required by driving are not developed or fully developed by an age younger than the mid teens. While every child is difference, the benefits are outweighed by the harm that could ultimately result from the change.

  • No, there needs to be some minimum age.

    No, the minimum legal driving age should not be eliminated, because young children do not have good enough judgment to be driving vehicles. Young children should not be undertaking such an adult activity, because they are not ready for the consequences of driving, which can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, there are many parents who are not responsible enough to self-police this.

  • To no age at all?

    If this question is being asked if there should be absolutely no minimum age for driving, the absolutely not. I think as it stands, the age limit of 16 is fine as the young teenager is old enough and hopefully mature enough at that point to understand the importance and driving regulations.

  • Legal Driving Age Should not be Eliminated

    No, the legal minimum driving age should not be eliminated. Teenagers and younger children do not have fully developed brains and minds, and thus should not be allowed behind the wheels of heavy machinery such as cars. To indicate that a still-developing child is capable of such is quite asinine.

  • No, the minimum legal driving age should not be eliminated.

    We already have younger drivers that are not focused on the road, we don't need to allow the drivers on the roadways to get even younger. It takes common sense along with experience to be a safe driver. We have to think of everyone on the roads. If each driver was never capable of hurting anyone else then it could be a families personal choice, but this is the real world and we have to be cautious.

  • No, age limits are needed

    Age limits are needed to help ensure some level of maturity has been reached. Obviously, we cannot eliminate the age all together because there would be young children driving, but I also don't think it should be lowered either. 16 is a right of passage. It gives kids something to look forward to, but also teaches them responsibility.

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