• Drinking and voting age should be the same

    Drinking age here is 21 and should be 18. If you can contract, Marry, And go to war, Should be able to drink.
    All these things, Including voting should be the same age and certainly not before one gets out of high school. Democrats will try anything to get votes.

  • It just should

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  • Yes we should

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  • Leave voting age alone

    The same compelling motive we saw in the early 1970's just isn't there nowadays. Old enough to fight in Viet Nam but not to vote? These people really had a point. There just doesn't seem to be the same kind of thing here and now to justify a further lowering of the voting age.

  • Younger is Immature

    I believe that the age of 18 is a good age to vote. This is because anyone younger than this may not have a full understanding of the politics they can vote for. This is a bad thing because it means that they could make a bad decision which could affect the rest of their life. No, I think the voting age should stay at 18.

  • They should not change the age from 18

    Teenagers are way to immature to vote. They don't realize that whoever they vote for is going to take control of their lives, their friends lives, and their country. But, you also have to think about the kids that would take this very seriously and be smart about who they vote for.

  • Really. What will this do for the society?

    Why do teens end up in car accidents? They were texting. Or something else. In my belief, the voting age is unstable where it is now with all these people arguing over it.
    Yes, I've heard the other side of the story. We are focusing on the dumb teens. We do the same things. Maybe we just have to find out what happens.

  • Stop the left agenda to turn adults into children

    I heard a reporter call 26 year olds children. We need to put a stop to the left turning Americans into dependents on government. 18 is a good age for voting but our people's minds are being infested with liberal ideology. In order for them to be responsible voters they need to be properly educated. We need to put a stop to the current public education and redesign it from the ground up American style!

  • 18 is the right age.

    Younger youths would tend to lack the prerequisite perspective/judgement to vote no matter how intelligent they are. While political maturity can be to a certain extent, be lacking or plentiful in people of any age, on balance the adults tend to have better perspective on the issues and maybe understand to some extent of the long term consequences of the decisions. Keep the voting age at 18.

  • The reason I think it should be lowered is:

    For one, It could (and probably would) improve the lives of young people. I obviously think there should be restrictions the younger you are. But the voting age should be lowered to at least 12 yrs old. This is
    my opinion. Thank you so very much for your time. Bye

  • It should be lowered to 16

    Though some of the arguments may be partly valid. The last time the voting age was lowered was during the Vietnam War, Where it was lowered from 21 to 18. Since 18 yr olds were fighting, The argument was: If they are old enough to die for their country why are they not old enough to vote. 16 year olds can make good decisions when given time to think. 16 yr olds pay taxes, Can drive, Marry, Etc. The stereotype about teens being lazy and not informed. All over the nation, 16 yr olds are fighting the battle against bad gun laws. They have shown responsibility and maturity.

  • Lower the age!

    From what I’ve read, the biggest argument against the voting age being lowered is that teens are uneducated and mot finished wih schooling. If knowledge was a requirement for voting, high school drop outs would not be able to vote either. In the age of technology, people are able to look up the topics and both sides of the arguments that are being voted on. Sixteen year olds are already paying taxes and are making contributions to the economy. They are expected to act like adults but aren’t granted the same rights to make decisions as adults.

  • The minimum voting age should be lower.

    The voting age should be lowered because people under 18 currently pay taxes and contribute to the economy. Anyone who has a part time job should be allowed to vote in order to have a say in the system to which they are contributing. Students should also get to vote to influence the policies of public schools which they must attend.

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