Should the minimum wage be raised this year?

Asked by: Tophatdoc
  • Raise the minimum wage

    Employers will continue to squeeze the most out of their employees, for the least amount they can get away with. Laws preventing employers from taking advantage of their employees have improved the considerably. The government should intervene to raise the minimum wage, holding corporations that make huge profits off the labor of their workers accountable for reasonably compensating their workers.

  • Not a good idea

    Minimum wage laws don't help to give anyone a living wage. In fact increasing minimum wages may actually increase unemployment especially for the very young or retired supplementing their income. It would be good if we had some kind of living wage for people especially those with families. One idea is a negative income tax which could supplement working people and provide a living wage.

  • Let it be the same

    I will say I'd love to see those McDonald's gangsta tear each other apart though. They should get no funding, and let that scum bum trash place rot! Let all the T-paynes and sunvisor wearing rappers hang out and wipe each other out. The end of McDonald's would be good riddance. I wouldn't miss it one bit.

  • Don't raise minimum wage

    Raising minimum wage would destroy small business and make are capitalist system turn more turn more toward communism. The communist system, the perfect system for not humans. Since the u.s. is one of the most powerful economic systems it would cause the other countries economies to fall and cause global nuclear war and extinction, all over a wage increase...

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