• I support an increase in the minimum wage

    I believe the minimum wage should be $9.25 and hour. After all, the workers who are making minimum wage are the backbone to the companies they work for. They are the ones giving up their evenings, their weekends and their holidays while employees at the corporate office are getting this time off. I understand that minimum wage jobs are not suppose to be a career unless you want to work in management and/or for the corporate office but those making minimum wage are making sacrifices in their personal life for very little money when they are the backbone for their employer when many of the corporate executives are making six figure salaries, have excellent benefits, getting weekends and holidays off and many have not idea what goes on in their own company.

  • Yes, It Would Help A Lot Of People

    Raising the minimum wage would put more money into people's pockets, and that's more money out in the economy being spent. It would spur economic growth in this country. Still, it should be higher than $9 an hour and it should be indexed for inflation so that it automatically adjusts as goods becomes more expensive.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, minimum wage should be raised.

    People who do minimum wage jobs should be paid sufficient money to live in the community in which they work. These jobs are often service jobs, and located in places where the standard of living is high. Many times the minimum wage worker cannot afford basic rent in the same community that they work in. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the laziness of Americans who just want a hand out, but these people are working and still living in poverty. If we want people to work we need to make the wages act as an incentive to attain a better life, and not just live in poverty.

  • It Should Be Raised

    I think that minimum wage should be raised. The amount of $9 an hour seems fair to me. The price of living continues to rise and I believe that our pay should coincide with it. The current minimum wage is too low in my opinion. People can barely make it on that.

  • It's a superficial solution to a superficial problem...

    Many of the arguments on the left side of this page are based off of personal subjections such as: "it seems fair to me" or are based off of semi-relevant bits of anecdotal evidence. It needs to be recognized, as gmbaumann said, that raising the minimum wage will have no effect on the lowest quintile's position on the totem pole. If the wage for unskilled high-school dropout or fence-hopper labor is raised, the going rate for skilled labor and white collar jobs will increase proportionally. The real issue that ought to be addressed is the concentration of "pavement people," who are unwilling to hold a serious job or go to school, in our large cities. There are millions of jobs in rural areas, currently filled by illegals and "migrant" laborers. Perhaps welfare funds could be better spent assisting such people moving to occupy those positions?

  • What happens to wages of people above minimum wage?

    Can we agree that the wages of some people should be higher than others? Should skilled worker make more than semi-skilled workers? Should semi-skilled workers make more than unskilled worker? Obviously, YES.

    Are those making $15/hr going to continue to make $15/hr when the minimum reaches that level? Of course not. If the unskilled wages go up 30%, semi-skilled wages will go up 30% & skilled wages will go up 30% and the minimum wage worker will be right back where s/he started - at the bottom of the totem pole - not able to afford the things that someone making $25/hr can afford.

  • Raising the minimum wage will not help in the long run and could hurt the short term.

    On the surface raising the minimum wage seems like a great thing. Until you go to a store that sells American made products and services. You take a widget that is made in China for $4 and it takes an hour to make. The same widget is made in America costs $10 to make today. So when you go to a store to purchase said widget you find the China widget for $4.80. The American widget beside it is $12. After you raise the minimum wage that widget will cost $12 to make and you will find it in the store for $16.80. Which widget will most people purchase? Which widget will most people be able to afford? You raise the minimum wage and the cost of living increases and employers start looking to cut costs by cutting hours and cutting jobs. What we need is to encourage those that have money to spend it in our economy. Increase the number of jobs and production in the United States. Give employers incentives to hire more employees and to raise their wages naturally.

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