Should the Minnesota Vikings win the 2014 Super Bowl?

  • They are the best team in the NFL.

    Nobody is ever going to beat them this year because they have Adrian Peterson, Matt Cassel, and CFP.

    Their offense will be number one, and their defense is going to arguably be the best in NFL history.

    They also have the best kicker and kick returner in the NFL.

    Prediction: 16-0 regular season. Superbowl win over the Patriots 52-3.

  • Yes, they are tough to beat.

    Yes, the Minnesota Vikings should win the 2014 Super Bowl, because they have a strong team. There is no good offense without a good defense, and the Vikings have a defense that is strong enough to keep them in a lot of games. The Vikings are tough and have good coaching and should be able to win if they make it.

  • No, the best team should win

    The nature of sports allows for athletes to be competitive and demonstrate their best skills. As always, the best team should win and come out victorious. Victories should be hard and well-earned. If--and only if--the Vikings prove to have the necessary skills, then they should be awarded with the victory of the 2014 Super Bowl.

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