• Any symbol representing a secessionist cause should not be displayed by any citizen or state/local government because it is their moral inclination to patriotism.

    The soldiers fighting under the Confederate Battle Flag killed more than 300,000 United States soldiers. This is more than the Japanese or Germans or Native tribes had killed. Displaying any of symbols that represented these groups' causes at the time of war would now be regarded as offensive and would be undermining the sovereignty of the United States.

    The Confederate Battle flag was only made after the civil war's initial start and was used for only four years. To say it represents southern pride as opposed to militancy and secessionism is dishonest. One may argue that they view the symbol in their own way, but certainly, they would not say that the same thing about a swastika. Symbols are language and language is used to convey meaning to others, not for one's personal reflection. While some words or symbols have different meanings in different societies (swastika in Buddhism, native animism, or the v or 'peace' sign in commonwealth nations) but the South went through the Civil War on the premise of fighting for an unjust cause* and is not an isolated society from the United States. The Confederate Flag has the same meaning omnilocationally in the United States.

    *if you would like to bring this claim into question, I would require more time, but that would be rabbit trailing from this topic

    Thank you, this is my first post

  • No monument of flag should be changed or removed based on false ideas about "Political Correctness"

    The Civil War was fought to prevent a splintering of the US and prevent constant warfare between states such as happening constantly in the Middle East and area around Russia.

    Slavery was doomed to end no matter what happened in the Civil War. The north and other countries would have used economic leverage, such as sanctions, to force any states allowing slavery to end its practice.

    The true ideals of the Confederacy were that individual states should have the right to govern and act independently of the federal government.

  • It should not.

    I don't believe the argument is wether or not it should change so much as wether or not they should remove the rebel battle flag from it. To that I'd say no. Despite what the modern day ku Klux Klan, liberalism, and of course common core would like you to believe, the City confederate battle flag of the army of northern Virginia is not a racist flag.

    Throughout its ussage it was used as a symbol of southern pride, rebellion against oppressive government, and family. Less than 7% of southerners were slave owners, and the majority who fought in the civil war fought against the taxation of the south (as well as unequal representation) and for the protection of their families and their land.

    As for the argument against the civil rights era use of the battle flag, yes, it WAS used by the Klan and neo Nazis. However, civil rights activists and republicans of this era also used it. It was used overwhelmingly in the south, as a symbol of southern pride. Even today the Klan claims that the American flag (which I needn't say has committed far more racism than any battle flag) as their official symbol.

    Something that needs to be remembered is that this flag was also used during the world war eras. Southern soldiers would place it in their vehicles, helmets, and tanks. This trend actually continued well into the early 80s before people began to associate the flag itself with racism, oppression, and slavery (which by the way ended in America when Delaware made slavery in its states illegal, not with any proclamation made by Lincoln. Who himself owned slaves).

    The fact remains today that although a small few may use the flag as a symbol of hatred, the vast majority who use this flag do so out of the pride of the south and for the honor of their ancestors.

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