• The games need urgency!

    In the NFL, every game is URGENT! It's a simple case of supply and demand. There are only 16 NFL games per season, eight home games per team. Your team MUST win NOW to stay in the playoff hunt. MLB, on the other hand, has 162 games, 81 home games a piece. Who cares if your team loses or wins 20 in a row in April, May, or even June? These wins/losses don't mean a thing. Remember when the A's won 20 n a row years ago? Did it turn into a WS championship? No. July-September is when the seaon (and weather) heats up. Start the season the first of June. Play through mid September. Then have the playoffs begin at the end of September/ beginning of October. This would lop off 60 some odd games that don't matter anyway. It reduces the supply, and increases urgency of victories now.

  • 132 games .

    Make games more meaningful. Increase ratings. Increase revenue. The reason why the game's rating are decreasing is not only because the games are long with no action, but mostly because the season is too long and the games are meaningless. The current postseason is a completely different game than what we see in the regular season and it's sad. Playoff baseball is different. Players are asked to do things they don't normally do. Maybe two separate discussions, but shortening the season could make the postseason more similar to the regular season.

  • It is good for the Game.

    As a lifelong Red Sox Fan, I love nothing more than going to a game at Fenway on a Friday Night, but that does not necessarily mean every Friday night for months on in. Spring training starts in February, meaning the players are engaged in the game from February to Novemeber. That a lot of travel, weightlifting, warm-ups, conditioning, and overall playing of the game. Im not necessarily all for baseball reform, in fact, i hate the idea of a computer generated strikezone, but it is clear that the game needs to be shortened.

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  • Fri.Sat.Sun. Games only

    Do like Nippofewer games and have expanded rosters with double headers on Fri.Sat.Sun. Games only. With make up games during the week. Nine inning or seven inng games with a 1.5-2.5 hour time limit. If it ends in a tie so be it. With the younger generations you have to change. Also you can start later and end earlier to avoid the cold and rain. Also you could get more kids to come , that's your life blood:)

  • We don't need 162 games.

    It's ridiculous that teams have to play 162 games just to see if they make it to the playoffs, where they might then be eliminated by losing as few as three games (one if you're a wild card team). If you're the owner of a team, and you require 162 games just to see if they're a playoff-caliber team, where the playoffs are only a month long, then you're a f%#king idiot. It should require 100 games at most. If you make August the playoff month instead of October, then not only are you no longer conflicting with the NFL season, but you're not distracting young students from their homework and their education in the beginning of the new school year.

    Here's my proposed schedule: spring training starts at the beginning of April and goes for three weeks. Season begins in late April and runs through July, with scheduled doubleheaders and some days left open for weather cancellation allowances. All-Star Break is moved from mid-season to the last three days of July. Postseason begins in August with a three-game Wild Card series (1 game at 5th seed's stadium then 2 games at 4th seed's) instead of a single game. Division Series remains the same. Championship Series and World Series change from 2-3-2 to 3-3-1 to ensure lower seeded team NEVER receives more home games. World Series homefield advantage is no longer decided by the All-Star Game, but instead by the team that goes to the World Series with the better postseason record (tiebreaker season record).

  • Cut the season Down to 99 games

    Not only would I cut the season down to 99 games, I would shorten the game down to 7 innings.
    Each team can play 33 (3) game series, 6 man rotations, 6 games per week. Eliminate the shift.
    Playoffs will consist of 1 game for the first round, 3 games for the second round, 5 games for the LCD and 7 for The World Series.
    And for the good of the game, the owners need to stop denigrating their players and quit living in the past.

  • Play 156 Games

    They should play 156 games. They should also play day/night doubleheaders during the summer months when the kids are out of school. The goal would be to end the season on September 15th. It doesn't matter what day it fell on, baseball is like that, the day of the week doesn't make a difference.

    So end the season on September 15th and start the playoffs two days later (to allow for tie-breaker games). The first round would be a 3 game series (no more 1 game playoff that everyone I know hates) with the first two games played as a day/night doubleheader in the best record ballpark. Win both and advance, lose one and the series shifts to the other ballpark for the deciding game 3.

    It would take 4 days for both leagues to play their wildcard series, so on September 22nd the second round five game series would start. It would take 7 days to play out these series, ending on September 29th (extra days each series allow for rainouts). September 30th begins the league championships. These are 7 games and would take 10 days to play. They would end on October 9th.

    The World Series is 7 games and would begin October 10th, ending no later than October 20th. That's only if it went 7 games, many years the series would end a few days earlier. Weather usually turns in the northern cities about the middle of October. Ensuring there is no play the last eleven days of October decreases the odds of bad weather messing with the game.

    Why 156 games? Expand to 32 teams, say Portland and Charlotte. Organize into 4 eight team divisions. Your team would play its own division rivals 12 times each, 7 x 12 is 84 games, so over half your games would be against your division. There would be 8 other teams in your league, play them each 6 times. 6 x 8 is 48 games, which adds up to 132 games.

    Then save Interleague play, with your team alternating between each division in the other league, 3 games. 3 x 8 teams is 24 Interleague games per year which adds up to 156 games. The beauty of this is that every team plays the same schedule of teams. No more Interleague advantages! Teams would alternate divisions so you would play every team in the other league every other year. You would alternate home/away, so every 4th year you would host another league team, every 2nd year you would be in their ballpark.

    This would allow everyone to play everyone else, if only every other year. The end result would be a balanced schedule that allows each 8 team division to have 2 playoff teams, with another 2 wild card teams per league. 12 playoff teams, 6 per league.

    The 2nd place finishers would square off with the 2 wild card teams in the 3 game series. The two first place teams would earn a bye the first round.

  • No It Shouldn't

    The best part about being a baseball fan is investing in the long narrative. Instead of being a quick adrenaline fueled sport, a fan gets to watch as the story of the season unfolds over time mirroring the way the story of a game unfolds over time. It would be a shame to lose this.

  • Some players are babies

    I feel that this topic has started to get more attention because of the weather this year. There was so many games cancelled in April because of the snow. Many players said that it is too cold and that they are tired of playing to many games. Well i dont think so. There are tons of other people that would want to be in their spot. The Mlb season is good how it is and there is no point in changing it.

  • I think no Because

    They can just shorten the commercials to 30 seconds instead of 1 min because with the mount visits and everything like that they still need to have the game longer and also they are making it to if they go over time then one person has to start on second

  • Stats Matter in Baseball

    Which sports do stats matter in? And which sports does history matter the most in? Its baseball. As you reduce the number of games you remove the ability for records to be broken. You also reduce every major stats line of greatness like 100 rbi 40 hr 300 k in a season.

  • Why would you ruin the game.

    People who say baseball is boring are not watching it right . People are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid people are stupid

  • MLB Shouldn't be changed

    Well, this is a tough question. In the end, the 162 game season makes the sport so fun to watch, not because there is intense action in every single aspect of every single match up, but because no matter what day in the summer, there will be a ball game on. You can tell me the players don't get enough time off, and I'd agree. But. That doesn't mean shortening the season. Giving them a break (the managers), yes. Giving others a chance to play, yes. Compared to football (every Sunday, occasional Monday or Thursday), you can find always at least 1 MLB game a season you can actually attend.

  • The intense Season.

    The whole point of the 162 game season is to keep the players and fans involved inn the game of baseball and if your team is down by like 4 or 5 games in the middle of the season, then they have a lot of games to go and can come back to make the playoffs. Also, the manager can rest players if they need to, that is also the beauty of the game. If your star player has played like 15, 20, or 25 games, then you can rest your player so he doesn't get hurt, and maybe give another player a chance to show what he can do on the diamond. Baseball is going through so many changes already, and the lat thing they need to do is change the length of the season.

  • The MLB should not be shortened.

    The MLB should not be shortened. The MLB seasons have been around for a long time and their system works. So why should we mess with it now? I see no reason to shorten the Major League Baseball season. I have always said if something is not broke, then why try to fix it.

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