Should the Moderators Re-Open Jifpop09's Account?

Asked by: Seido
  • In order to answer the currently un-answered questions, I believe he needs to be un-banned.

    In case you guys don't know, the user Jifpop09 just had his account closed. Prior to its closing, he sent a series of PMs warning us of his account's closure; however, before he could tell us the reason, the account was closed. I believe that he should be unbanned. Jifpop09 was an extremely active member of our community and contributed quite a lot to DDO. His banning was a rather big deal, and it left a lot of questions unanswered. He claimed that he was being unfairly banned while I'm sure the moderators thought that they were in the right. I'm sure that both people had their reasoning, and would like to hear both sides. If Jifpop09 remains banned, we will not be able to hear his side of the story. This is Debate.Org, a place in which we are supposed to have intelligent debate. This situation should be handled like any other debate; both sides should be heard out in full prior to a decision being made. The moderators will, of course, always have the final say in who they ban, but considering the strange circumstances, it would likely be for the betterment of everyone if we hear Jifpop09 out.

  • I've heard from both sides, but evidence is needed.

    I've seen jifpop09's view although unproven and i've seen Airmax's view which is unproven but he may still prove point since he isn't banned. I think the only proper way to settle this would be by means of a debate in which jifpop and airmax have equal ground (as of now jif is banned so disadvantaged in this argument.) if the evidence was shown I could make a clear decision, until then I will advise the innocent until proven guilty method.

  • My support lies with the moderators.

    They have a thankless job. Whenever debate, opinions, etc., get out-of-hand, they are left with little choice. Personally, I feel that too many times facts are not adequately presented by the parties involved. When this happens, it is really no longer a debate -- just a war of emotions. Things tend to get ugly. I don't know if this applies to the situation between Jifpop09 & airmax. However, I think it is probably what the moderators were striving to avoid or minimize. Who knows?

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