Should the modern Ku Klux Klan be considered a terrorist organization?

  • Absolutely, They Are A Domestic Terrorist Organization

    A terrorist organization is defined as any group which carries out attacks and acts of hostility towards civilians in addition to political and military targets for the purpose of inciting fear and panic in order to further an agenda, be it personal or political. A terrorist organization can be defined as either foreign (engaging in attacks against people and groups from other nations) or domestic (carrying out acts of violence in their own country.) The Ku Klux Klan has a long history of carrying out vicious and unwarranted attacks against the African-American community and other ethnic groups, usually against civilians, for the express purpose of attempting to force an acceptance of their views through fear and violence. These attacks are derived from prejudice based on skin color or racial heritage. This is the definition of a domestic terrorist group.

  • History shows that the Klan are terrorists, yes.

    If you call yourself 'Klan' you are calling yourself a terrorist. But then, Imperialism is terrorism. The Klan style themselves after a Masonic fraternity, and indeed most if not all of them were members of Masonic organizations (other than the Klan) as well as churchgoing protestant Christians. They terrorized POC's, Immigrants, Catholics, Jews, anyone who did not fit their idea of worthiness. A vile and unsupportable ideology!

  • KKK is now unifying with other white supremacy groups and hiding behind the title of the alt right.

    Reference multiple video sources available online about rise since Trump took office. Armed with everything from flag poles to full militia style with rifles and automatic weapons, these people invade towns/cities all over the country threatening and trying to imtimidate. Group members are carrying American flags while also carrying nazi flags. Then there are the raging chants while carrying open flames. Violence has been incited with countless numbers of victims having their heads bashed in, group also attacking women with no provocation, not to mention they fact that a person, Heather Heyer died & multiple other human beings were injured after being run down by coordination of violence within this group. Lastly, POTUS (DJT) provided aid and comfort to this group. The level of outrage to the Patriotic, nonviolent MAJORITY of the US population is surreal, and the threats to our nation continue to be stated by the violent, racist, hateful group. See Vice news special report where 'leaders' of these aggressors have stated that they intend to kill and injure 'many more of these animals'. These groups are openly trying to recruit as many members as possible with the promise of a white only nation through 'whatever has to be done.' I have more, but I'm finished posting it here, if your orginazation hasn't noticed the facts by now and since the violent abhorrent groups began, I can't convince you that ALL self proclaimed separatist violent and intimidation groups are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

  • Absoluetely! Without a doubt!

    Lynched at least 3,446 blacks in 86 years, killed twice as many people compared to the Islamist terrorists, jihadists and Muslim extremists in the U.S. since 9/11, 1963 Birhmingham church bombing. The KKK have been terrorizing America decades before the Islamic State. How many more cowardly and hateful acts of violence must that commit before they can be viewed as terrorists?

  • Of Course They Should!!

    They encourage violence. They kill very very many people. If that isn't considered terrorism, then what the hell is? Ignorant, white people should open their eyes up to this because while they are a hateful group, they are violent as well. They're not innocent of killing many people. If ISIS kills people and are labeled as terrorists, so should the KKK, they've killed people. Just because they're white, doesn't mean they can't be terrorists. People, get your head out of your ass, it's not a hat. The KKK is evil. They are more than just a hate group. Therefore, they should indeed be classified as terrorists.

  • I am a black teen male and I have done nothing wrong to hurt anyone. So why does my race have to be hated

    I believe that all people are equal, regardless of skin color. It seems to me that the KKK is targeting blacks all over America and that the hatred to the African-American race is the whole issue of race mixing and how it is a disease that is slowly wiping out the white race, according to them

  • Yes. Their demands.

    Their entire organization is based on the principle that certain ethnicities are essentially less than human, that they do not deserve the same rights, and that they should be killed or placed in some form of servitude.

    Their means for promoting this agenda ranges from seemingly benign public protests to burning of effigies and spirals down into acts of violence and even murder.

    They use their anonymity and ability to gather in great numbers to literally terrorize US citizens into leaving their homes.

    This is clear cut terrorism.

  • Yes yes yes

    Just go look at all they have done! Imagine if they still lynched, killed, murder, abused the black people in this current world. Imagine what our world would be like! People get put in jail for killing one person, let alone a whole population of one single race-being the blacks.

  • They're worse than Neo-Nazis

    This is a Nordic style organization. Since its inception in a small Tennessee town. Now, they are not as bad as before, which is the only reason I don't believe in banning them. But thay have a tendency to murder still other races. The Nazis and Fascists didn't really believe in doing this, though I believe their hatred was more of Jews and Lutherans (but that's for another time)

  • Modern Terriorst Organization

    I personally think that the modern Ku Klux Klan would be something to consider a terrorist organization but it will cause a huge riot as well as it will affect most people. I personally think that the modern Ku Klux Klan would not be a good organization because it could affect society as well as the economy.

  • Terrorism is the systematic use of violence...

    Although, they are an awful hateful group, they are not a violent group and so thus are not a terrorist organization. They are a horrible group but every person has a right to their speech and opinion without censorship. There is no need to label a group as a terrorist organisation unless it has become necessary to shut them down. Now, the second Clan during the late 1800's and early 1900's was a full fledged terrorist organization. However, today they are dormant and do not commit any actual crimes.

  • No. They do not fit the criteria.

    In order for a group to be classified as a terror group they must check every box in the following.
    1. Substate actors
    2. Acts of violence
    3. A belief their actions will bring about change
    4. Their actions are supported by an ideology
    5. Their acts of violence are against non-combatants.

    While the Klan has checked all of these boxes in the past, in modern day they do not. In today's time they are nothing but a ignorant hate group.

  • They have not killed people

    Hillary has killed more people in the past ten years than the KKK, the KKK has only killed one person in the past ten years. Black Lives Matter and Hillary both have killed more people and thus the peaceful Klu Klux Klan should be allowed to remain as a hate group.

  • Hate group maybe, terrorist group no.

    Like others have already pointed out, they might deserve the designation hate group, but it's not the same as a terror group. For multiple reasons. Also, that they have killed in the past shouldn't actually count (especially considering there's been several reiterations of KKK), if that still should count, then we might say that it still counts that the Democrats once was the main party of KKK people. Yet blacks and other minorities overwhelmingly support them, isn't that illogical??

  • A hate group

    The Ku Klux Klan is a hate group - it is not a terrorist group. People see things they absolutely hate and believe that they should be considered the worst thing they can think of - a terrorist group. A terrorist commits acts of violence, something that the KKK, who are evil in their own way, doesn't usually do.

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