Should the modification of humans genes be pursued?

  • This can be used to kill disease.

    "Designer babies" are not the intent of this research. The intent is to research how our genes affect disease. With several more years of research, diseases like cancer could be cured for the rest of time. This alone is reason to justify research. Obviously, there needs to be regulation, but as with many other scientific research industries, until such time where regulation is established, the industry will police itself.

  • It's absurd to see gene modification as anything other than the most wonderful solution to all biological problems or malformations of human beings.

    Most intelligent, progressive people see new technologies like this one as an opportunity to improve the condition of human life. We believe that any and all methods should be used to this effect, providing those methods don't violate human rights. Gene modification provides the virtual skeleton-key to all disease, and perhaps even death itself. Who in their right mind would deny this to their fellow human beings, purely on the basis of a biased, outdated, ignorant theological argument, with no provable merit whatsoever? Correct answer; absolutely nobody.

  • The modification of genes should be pursued to an extent.

    You should only modify genes of people that have something wrong with them, like being prone to a disease or a learning disorder. If this is used to make people better or more advanced then it could end badly. People that weren't born this way would be discriminated and there would be no surprise or new genes.

  • Gene modification is ethically wrong. It can lead to nothing but bad problems.

    People are trying to advance way too fast. Genetic modification is one of those many advancements. Scientist need to learn to crawl before they reach for the moon because they could create a lot of problems. They shouldn't pursue it because they're attempting to alter a complex gene structure that they don't even fully understand yet.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Modifying human genes can only lead to bad things. It can lead to designer children, where the genes are modified to produce "better" qualities. This is a bad thing. Genes are not meant to be modified by humans and scientists should leave human genes alone. If they must mess with genes, they should stick to animals. Although, I don't agree with this either.

  • Gene modification goes against religious beliefs.

    In a world were technology never stops improving, we have to find a limit. To a certain extent, technology and advancements in science improve our lives and are harmless. Genetic engineering crosses the line into "stepping in for nature." Aren't some things made to be the way they are, such as disease, disorders, and handicaps? Isn't it wrong to step for natural occurrences? Most religions believe that trial and hardship is for a reason. Taking that away through genetic engineering is not ethically right.

  • Genetic engineering could make other humans outdated

    A new class of genetically engineered humans could rise against us making us obsolete, as well as the fact that some parents may alter their children without the child's interests in mind

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