• I agree !!!

    Let's give her a mustache and a goatee, while were at it. And hairy armpits. I'm thinking some goth make up would be nice too. Give her a new hairstyle. Let's see. What else can we do? Can we do something with her wardrobe? I was thinking we could dress her up in a hot leather outfit. It would go nice with the make up.

  • It just seems logical for a painting of a person to have eyebrows right?

    I mean look at it, it's an amazing piece of art but isn't something missing? Look closer... Closer... See it, thats right she has no eyebrows. It's kind of weird, maybe all the paintings were like this or was this a one off. I wan't to know what people think so please post your opinion.

  • She is what she is.

    Asking a question like this is as useless as asking what would have happened if Hitler would have been killed in World War 1. The Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows and will never have eyebrows. It is what it is, and nothing will ever change that. It doesn't matter whether anyone believes it should have them or not.

    Posted by: HSB
  • Why should she?

    You haven't presented a reason as to WHY she should have eyebrows, the painting is a masterpiece. A lot of women back in those days didnt use eyebrow highlighters and women having weak eyebrow hairs was not unheard of, quite common actually. If you give her westernized eyebrows we might as well pop a couple of piercings on her face too. And dye her hair.

  • It could be the style back then

    I'm not too sure but I think I read an article somewhere about how richer woman would pluck their eyebrows during that time period because they were considered unsightly. It was the style during that era. If that's not it, then I'm sure there's a different reason she was painted without them.

  • I never noticed

    Honestly, I've never studied the Mona Lisa close enough to notice whether she has eyebrows or not. Maybe Leonardo Da Vinci just forgot? Maybe he was on an eyebrow strike? Maybe he thought eyebrows would make the Mona Lisa look freaky? In any case, I don't think she needs them cuz she looks good without them too.

  • No, there may be a reason for the lack of eyebrows.

    Perhaps the eyebrows have been erased by time or extensive cleaning. The work might have looked quite different when it was originally painted. We also have to consider that it might be an accurate representation of the subject. She might well have plucked her eyebrows; it could have been a custom, fashion, or simply a personal preference. Who knows, this may well be the reason the artist was attracted to her as a subject. There could be other reasons for her hairless eyes. It's a masterpiece; in my opinion we can appreciate it for what it is. It's an interesting question though. Maybe that's why he left the eyebrows off, to stimulate discussion.

  • NO she should not.... If that is how the artist decided when he painted it

    No of you people painted it.... Surely it is down to the person making a painting to decide how it is, artists do not paint by committee, they work from experience it is a personal thing and not for the viewer to decide how it should have been done I think you will agree

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