• Pioneers, stainless, honest. Yes, they deserve it.

    Among the first to blend classical music with rock, among the first to experiment with new sounds, among the first to engage the melody in rock music.
    Continue to play constantly until today. They are honest with themselves, to the audience, with the music. If you listen to many years later, one of their songs it is actual, even after so many years; can we say the same of many other groups?
    They will not be virtuosos ever, but their songs are timeless.
    Yes, they deserve a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

  • Absolutely, Moodies Belong in RRHOF

    A unique, groundbreaking band-- the first to fuse classical with rock music; pioneer of the Mellotron decades before synthesizers were created. Still touring actively some 50 years after their creation--- what more do the dolts at the RRHOF need to recognize the unique contributions to the history of music by the Moody Blues?

  • The Moody Blues: long-lasting history and great contributions to music

    The Moody Blues were formed in 1964 and, as of 2015, remain active with one member from the original 1964 band and two more from the 1966 line-up. Its "rich symphonic sound" influenced groups such as Yes, Genesis, the Electric Light Orchestra and Deep Purple. For their contribution to music and long lasting history, I believe they would make a great addition to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Yes, Moody Blues deserve a spot in the Rock and Roll HoF

    The Moody Blues revolutionized music by pumping out fusion music of rock and classical music. This truly set a precedent and with successful singles (Question, Go Now) as well as selling almost 100 million albums, they have everything that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should be looking for!

  • Yes it should.

    Indeed they should. They have a lengthy musical career and personally been a fan for a long time now. There are artists in the rock hall of fame who shouldn't of really got into it, but yet they are in it. So it should be high time that those who deserve it to be put in it.

  • I like them, but come on

    Days of Future Passed is a great album, and I think it would be fair to call the Moody Blues mildly influential. But the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been quickly running out of viable candidates, to the point that they've started including rap groups -- which, hey, are more than worth of recognition, but are pretty distinctly not "rock and roll." The Moody Blues are a good band, but including them would place them on the same level as groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and flooding the hall with merely decent bands cheapens the inclusion of all time greats.

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