Should the most extreme hate cases that do not result in murder be punishable by the death penalty regardless?

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  • not at all

    no, if the person does not kill another person, then i do not think that they need to be punished by death just because it was a crime where the person was just hating against them. I think that child molesters and rapists need to be killed by death penalty.

  • Hate cases should not result in the death penalty

    I feel that if the case in question did not result in a murder, than the perpetrator should not be subjected to the death penalty. The person who committed the crime should be subjected to a punishment that befits the crime, and the death penalty should only be reserved for people guilty of murder.

  • No, if a crime is not punishable by death, it is not punishable by death (regardless of motive).

    Very few crimes are punishable by death. The law is structured that way for a reason. We cannot start to dole out death to fellow citizens because we do not like the quality of their motives. Can we execute a man who steals bubble gum from the grocery store if he only steals it from stores owned by Hispanics? While that example may seem extreme, it is exactly what we are talking about doing if we extend the death penalty to include crimes other than capital murder.

  • No, the most extreme hate cases that do not result in murder should not be punishable by the death penalty.

    I believe the death penalty should be reserved only for cases of first degree murder. A consequence of taking ones life, and it talks about it in the bible, is to have ones life taken. If we allow it for other crimes even if they are serious crimes then we will use it too much. If we use the death penalty too much then it will become a cruel and unusual punishment. I do believe in more life sentences for serious non-murder crimes such as extreme hate cases.

  • No, I only think murder cases should result in the death penalty.

    I think that the death penalty should only be reserved for criminals who are convicted of murder. The death penalty is something we should not take lightly. That is why when somebody is convicted of murder, it should be the only time it is used. I think that life in jail is appropriate for other crimes.

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