• Yes, the entire family should be punished

    "Affluenze" shouldn't be considered a real condition, because it isn't one. This entire family was to blame because they've been nothing but defensive about their heinous actions. People should be taught to value other lives, not consider their own superior because they have money. The entire family is disgusting and should be taught a lesson.

  • Couch's mother aided and abetted the escape of a fugitive

    The mother of Ethan Couch should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. She aided and abetted Ethan's escape from the United States, which directly violated the terms of his probation and resulted in him being classified as a fugitive. While she shouldn't be treated with an iron fist, she should certainly face consequences for her actions.

  • The mother of Ethan Couch should be arrested.

    The mother of Ethan Couch knowingly broke the law when she took her son to Mexico. Ethan Couch was allowed probation under the supervision of his mother. When the mother chose to ignore Ethan's probation appointments and take him to Mexico, she knowingly and willfully broke the law. She drove him across the border and harbored him within her place of residence in Mexico. Given her calculated and continual choices, she was aware of what she was doing and the consequences. Arrest is the consequence.

  • Parents should lead their children in the right direction

    Yes, Ethan Couch's mother should face similar punishment for her role in the whole debacle. In what world is it ever acceptable to evade the law and in turn, worsen it by aiding a child - who clearly has no clear notion of right and wrong - in escaping the country? What makes matters worse is the fact that not everyone is privileged enough to use affluenza as an excuse for taking away another person's life.

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