• GOD has nothing to do with GOVERNMENT

    SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Our country was founded on the priciple of seperate church and state. We as a nation have lost that. We do not need to bring our relgion into government or our government into our religion. I do not beleive that we need "in god we trust" on our money.

  • Why not "In Tinkerbell We Trust

    There are so many fictitious characters in literature. According to the Bible, God has committed savagery, murder, war, famine, incest, rape, a many other crimes. Religions are the driving force for murderous headlines that fill the news each day. Tinkerbell doesn't draw the nausea that the name God brings to mind. Of course it would be best to print "In Reason We Trust."

  • It is not universal.

    Many of us not only don't trust god, we don't believe the creature exists. Some of us have also read the bible, and can say with a high degree of confidence that, even if such a thing as the Christian god WAS possible (which it very likely isn't), we are GLAD that all of the evidence ever produced points toward the thing not existing.

  • There is No Reason

    People argue that the phrase doesn't hurt anybody, but it just doesn't support all faiths. The constitution guarantees that everyone has religious freedom. The motto on currency is endorsing a specific religion, a religion that believes in a single god. This country should not specifically endorse this and permeate it throughout our currency.

  • Yes remove it.

    I am a Christian, but the United States is a melting pot of religious beliefs. Church and state are supposed to be separate in this great land. So, it is not necessary to print "In God We Trust" on any currency. It doesn't make it any more or less valuable.

  • We don't trust in god

    We trust our guns, our financial system, our medicine and education. Religion is a personal choice - not a state choice. It is vital to separate the religion out of our government and our social institutions and only be religious in our private lives. Otherwise the other person's religion may end up impinging on our own rights.

  • Freedom of religion for all

    This country was founded on freedom of religion for everyone, not some. Everyone thinks there god is the best, just look at the middle east. Why are the religious so afraid to have this removed? Before the 1950s God was not on or in anything related to America. There should and always have been separation of church and state.

  • We are not a "theocracy" we ARE a "democracy"

    This country was founded on freedom from oppression even at the hands of religious zealots. Our motto has always been "of the people, by the people and for the people." We as Americans have always had our trust in the people. It is not "in God we trust" but moreover it is "in the people (democracy) we trust". Not all Americans hold a religious faith, and to state that "we" meaning all Americans "trust" in God is not true. Therefore the motto is on it's face an untruth.

  • Currency is "Ceasar's"

    I am a Christian. Jesus said you can not serve two masters. You can not serve money and God. Using "in God we trust" is using the Lord's name in Vain. The seal on the US currency is not the seal of God, it is the seal of the US.

  • Separation of church and state.

    There is supposed to be a clear separation of church and state in the USA. Having "In God We Trust" on US currency is the state(read: government) endorsing a particular religion. Many people claim that citizens of the USA are entitled to freedom of religion which is true, however, that also means people are entitled to freedom FROM religion. It is without question that the phrase "In God We Trust" is referring to the christian God. Considering the fact that Christians make up about 33% of the population of the USA, there is a higher number of people that could possibly be offended by it than there are people who want it the way it is. If Christians want to know why people are offended by that being on their currency, all they have to do is imagine it saying "In Allah We Trust" instead. I'm sure that would offend them to no end and would be removed very quickly.

  • Our laws emanate from God and the Bible.

    This country was founded on Christian morals by CHRISTIANS. Over eighty percent of people in this country believe in Christ and over ninety percent believe in God. All of our moral laws emanate from the Bible. If you want to eliminate religious laws from the books, maybe we should start with rape, robbery and murder.

  • What is the big deal?

    Who cares besides radical atheists? They spend a lot of time and money to fight against someone (God) that according to them, doesn't exist. What are they so afraid of? Having "God" on money doesn't endorse religion. For some reason it is seen as an endorsement of the Christian faith. Although every religion has God, s/he just may be referred to by another name. We all should be worried about the radicals from all religions. And as I see, even the atheists have radicals.

  • Our founding fathers

    Our founding fathers believed in God one way another. It is in the very fabric of who we are as a nation. We began as a Christian nation. The many left their countries to practice Christianity freely. If nothing else, the "in God we trust" is a remembrance of who we were and how we came to be the nation became.

  • No it shouldn't

    I personally believe that God exists and millions of other Americans do. It should stay on the money because it is a symbol to show our beliefs. There is not even a real need to remove the motto. It has been there since Lincoln was president, and it is a legitimate and purposeful motto to express on money.

  • No, in respect of others.

    Those who are atheist should respect other people's beliefs, if this in God We Trust hurts their feelings then removing it will hurt ours, since most people in the world believes in God. Who are the atheists to makes us do what they want? They have two choices either they accept It or just don't use it. I personally will not use the dollar bill if in god we trust will be removed. They ask us to respect them while they want to dictate us and force us to do what suits them.

  • In god with trust.

    God is how this nation became the great nation it is. Our forefathers founded it with his help and guidance. We need to wake up and remember who we are. Only those who have forgotten this truth would not oppose this proposal to remove so important a statement. This statement marks who we are as a people.

  • It's more than a religious phrase. It's historic.

    The phrase has been apart of the nation since it's founding. It reminds us that Religion is free to not be hid in a church, but be apart of the nation. We need to remember that the Constitution does NOT protect government from religion, it protects religion from Government. The vast majority of people in the nation is religious, and the phrase reminds us that Government needs to accept religion as a part of the nation. It keeps in mind that the Government needs to acknowledge the ideas and believes of Religious people too, not just the believes of Atheist.

  • Keep God in the American ways.

    I'm a young American citizen and I hear my family, friends, and teachers saying stuff about Obama. This country is going down very quickly. We need God! We need the right to bear's not the guns, it's the people who buy them and their background. This country should stop worrying about the guns and "in God we trust" on the dollar bill. Just let it be! This country has survived long enough without all these changes going on. We need to build up the army. Korea is testing nuclear weapons and we are saying "take away weapons." Are we crazy?! If we did take away guns, that wouldn't solve squat! People will find a way - baseball bats, chairs, knives, landscaping, and gardening tools, etc. There are all kinds of things...all of this, taking away guns and "in God we trust" on money needs to stop! OBAMA NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!

  • It's a part of our country's foundation.

    The motto "In God We Trust" was placed on our currency when this country was founded. Whether people like it or not, this country was founded on a belief in God. Like the constitution, our foundation should not be picked apart. It's called a FOUNDATION for a reason. So Stupid.

  • It's not just a religious phrase like Atheists claim, but also a historic phrase.

    The phrase "In God We Trust" is a historic phrase dating back to the writing of the Constitution. It reminds us that the constitution does NOT protect Government from religion; it protects religion from Government. The government needs to acknowledge religion as well. The vast majority of the nation is religious, and Government has to acknowledge the beliefs and ideas of those people too, not just the ideas of Atheists.

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