Should the movie "Concussion" spark a movement to force the NFL to do more to protect players?

  • They are grown adults.

    They can choose to play the sport however they like, but they should all watch the movie and come to their own conclusions. It's very hard not to think something is wrong after watching it, but if you watch it and decide to continue the status quo that is your right.

  • The film Concussion portrays the severity of head injuries in sport

    Yes, the movie "Concussion," starring Will Smith, should spark a movement to force the NFL to do more to protect players. Head injuries are a serious matter, and the NFL should implement measures, such as changing rules and imposing stricter penalties,to make the game of football safer. The film documents the discovery of CTE, a football related brain trauma, in a football player who sustained head injury, a scientific discovery by.neuropathologist Dr. Bennett Omalu. This movie will make viewers aware of the dangers of head injuries. The NFL could be subjected to criticism and subsequent pressure to make changes to better protect players. However, the popularity of the game will not be compromised because of this movie.

  • "Concussion" should be a wake-up call to the NFL

    With players receiving more serious injuries on the field, something has to be done to protect them against serious, often life threatening injuries. The brain damage some players receive is the equivalent of demtia or Alzheimer's disease and if it takes a film such as "Concussion" to raise awareness of the dangers of contact sports, then the players and their families will be the ones to benefit.

  • The NFL needs to do more to protect the players

    The movie Concussion is helping shed light on the issue that many NFL players are suffering from many concussions and brain injuries that manifest later on in life, significantly impacting length and quality of life after the NFL. Before the movie, the NFL has been trying to brush off the fact that it needs to protect the players more because it is trying to uphold the intensity of the game, but safety should always be a priority because these players on average last under a decade in the league then need to do something else for the rest of their lives.

  • Football is Cool

    I like football a very much. It fun and it is amazing. Seahawks are the best team out there. Football make me very strong. Football make me very happy. Football make families. Football make men. Football is the awesomest sport out there and it should not be changed at all.

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