• Privacy is a right

    Just because you serve as a public official, does not mean your information should be public knowledge. My ex husband is on a school board and he has had people show up at his house irate over a school issue. Public servants deserve privacy and a safe place they can go and not be threatened or bothered by public. If they need to be reached there should be a public address where they can be found during normal business hours.

  • They are called public officials for a reason

    Public officials are just that, public. It is not justifiable to keep their identities hidden. I know you can argue national security and all that other stuff, but in reality, the lack of transparency creates a culture of distrust in our government. The only exception to this may be a very minuscule number of people that have a criminal training background that requires it. But we can't just go around letting everybody get a pass from public accountability.

  • No, the names of public officlals should be public.

    A public official needs to represent the public. That means that they need to be accessible. Hiding the name of a public official defeats that purpose. The safety risk that comes with a name being public is protected by other systems. Keeping the names of public officials private allows them to act with impunity.

  • Names and Secrecy

    No the names of public officials should not be kept secret, seeing as how they are public. If they wish to be anonymous and be kept secret, they should not put themselves in public positions. They need to stay out of the public eye if that's the case. Also, if they are not doing anything wrong, it should not matter if people know their name or not.

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