Should the nation be upset with James Taylor for messing up the words of the National Anthem during game 2 of the World Series?

  • Is there no pride anymore?

    Like other stars who mangled the Nation Anthem it is disrespectful. The founders of Hollywood, Movie and Music were loyal and patriotic. How they became this anti-American elite who feel they don't owe any respect to our Nation and those who sacrificed for it, and because they can sing, act and are exhibitionist we gawk over they feel they can dictate policy, politics and morals which they have now.

    Because we are more fascinated with Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus than being responsible citizen, we ignore the fact we are failing as a country, society and nation of peoples.

  • No, Because James Taylor

    He didn't forget the lyrics, he just decided to sing another song, and then changed his mind. This is James freakin' Taylor. Are you really going to tell him he can't do that? I think from this point on the National Anthem should always be sung that way. James Taylor.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    We probably have elected politicians who don't know all of the words to our National Anthem! That said, it is stupid for ANY artist to not prepare. Obviously, Taylor did not. If he had, he would have known the words. So, he now falls into that category (with others) who show up but fail to deliver. Time to retire, James!

  • We All Mess Up Sometimes

    I admit that I've messed up the words to songs many, many times. Nobody's ever gotten mad at me, and I've never gotten mad at someone else for the same thing. Why should it be any different in front of so many people? Celebrity or not, we all make mistakes; it's just how humans are. We're not perfect.

  • Are you serious?

    People make mistakes. Get over it. Why the hell would you feel justified actually being upset if he made a mistake? Chuckle, then go enjoy your sport of choice. Stop being idiots and whining about dumb things like this.
    I would guess that 1 in 10 anthem singers mess up anyway, so this isn't anything new or shocking.

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