Should the national government pay college tuition for all its citizens?

  • ...Yes they should pay for it....

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  • At least the first two years

    The richest country in the world charges it's citizens to become productive members of society and contribrute to its econonmic growth. Without doctors, teachers, lawyers, scientists, chemists, engineers, etc....Where would we be? What would happen if everyone decided not to go to college? What position will this country be in?

  • Yes, National Government should pay college tuition for all its citizens?

    Government first responsibility is to take care of its people. First, it starts with health, than education, than jobs...! When people know they are taken care of for basic - elementary - needs, domino effect of security is happier people, more productive, less crimes, more benefits for whole country. Government is not given blank check to 'tax relief' only those who think they are entitled for abundance (takers) by directing to 'taken' how college is only for them.

  • The national government pay college tuition for all its citizens.

    The national government pay college tuition for all its citizens. It would be extremely hard for them to give up some of their own profits to make this happen. Right now they are talking about taking away welfare anyway that they can get away with it so they can have more money in their budgets for vacations. I think it is a shame that our children cannot go to college because of the money issue.

  • It works in Europe

    In Europe they obviously have higher taxes, but they also pay for your education. They say that you can go to college for free, but that if you get poor grades then you get kicked our and have to pay for it yourself. It is very smart to invest in your most valuable resource, people.

  • I think the national government needs to pay college tuition for all its citizens.

    I think the national government needs to pay college tuition
    for all its citizens. America is failing
    because we turned higher education into a business. Higher education should be free, so that
    anyone who wants to attend college can go, regardless of their circumstances. This would only make America a smarter
    country in the long run.

  • National government should be in charge of tuition.

    National government should have the responsibility to its citizens to take care of tuition charges for education. Our society weighs heavily on the ownership of a degree from an institute of higher education, and it is only fair that since our "success" in life depends on this that our government meets us halfway. It is within my knowledge that up until the 1970's, college education was free. Why has this changed?

  • If a student chooses to go to college they themselves need to pay themselves.

    There are so many ways a student should pay for their college. There are loans and scholarships and if you fall into a certain income bracket then there will be funding given to you that you are not required to pay back. There is no need for the federal government to pay for citizens to attend college.

  • Subsidized loans and grants are enough, there need not be too much restructuring.

    If college was free then it would be possible that students would not try as hard in school as when they have to pay for it. Currently, scholarships, grants, and subsidized loans make it possible for a group of people that normally could not afford college now can afford college.

  • The national government should not pay college tuition for all its citizens.

    The federal government cannot pay for the tuition for all citizens. College education is not necessary for all people. Some people are intellectually incapable of finishing college, and some simply do not wish to do so. It makes sense for people who wish to attend college to pay into the system.

  • No college should be paid by the individual.

    College tuition should be paid by the student. If the student cannot afford college then they should keep high marks or excel in some endeavor to receive a scholarship. If not a scholarship then perhaps a student loan would be best for this person. Government should stay out of this part of the economy.

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