• If the Navy Seals' standards for women are not equal, then they should be changed immediately.

    In this day and age, absence of equality has no place in the workplace, let alone on a federal level such as the Navy Seals. If there are any inequitable agreements or standards between men and woman when it comes to Navy Seals recruits, then there should be immediate changes.

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  • Are you mad?

    This is equality at its finest. Sure, let's also add quotas to make it even easier whilst we're at it, "25% of all Navy Seals should be women!". It's ridiculous to even consider changing the standards. Seals are fantastic at what they do because of their high standards, don't lower them for lesser women (women who don't meet requirements, not being misogynistic) to drag the rest of them down.

  • No, the Navy Seals shouldn't change their standards.

    It's 2015. Women deserve equal rights and equal representation -- why would the male SEALs accept the women SEALs fully if they didn't have to pass the same tests to get to that position? There is no reason why the female SEALs shouldn't be able to pass those standards -- if they are being put in the same positions as the men, then they should be just as prepared.

  • It's the same job!

    I'm all for equality, and I think that if they change their standards and make things different just because they're starting to recruit women to do a job that only men have held throughout history would be wrong and a step backwards. The women applying for these jobs should be just as talented and qualified as the men who hold the positions currently.

  • No, the Navy Seals should not change their standards for women recruits.

    The Navy Seals should uphold the same standards for their male and female recruits. Women are as capable as men and it is an insult to women to have separate standards. In order for men and women to be equal colleagues, they must have the same abilities. It is discriminatory to exclude a man with lesser abilities than a woman.

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