Should the Nazi stickers in Liverpool be considered part of free speech?

  • Free Speech is Often Horrible

    The Nazi symbol is a disgusting reminder of horrible events that happened in history and has been adopted by the racists. Although the message is horrible and insulting to most, it should be considered free speech. It is better to know who thinks this way, then to push this vile group underground.

  • Free speech is not an unlimited right, so the Nazi stickers should be taken down.

    Free speech is a noble right, granted and protected in all democratic countries around the world. However it is not an absolute privilege, and where it is abused it should be curtailed. The posting of hate-fueled Nazi swastika stickers is a step too far, and should not be considered part of normal free speech.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Of course, everything is a matter of degree. Free speech should not stand in the way of common decency. No right should be so freely and recklessly exercised that it becomes an impediment to civil society, making it so that others are made to feel less free, their private space and peace invaded, their sensitivities cruelly trampled upon.

  • They are a symbol of hate.

    They stand for hate. They have the same meaning as flying the confederate flag in the united states. That flag stands for the fight for slavery. The Nazi symbol was used during the time that Jews were being slaughtered by the thousands. I believe no one should be using hate filled flags or symbols no matter where in the world you are from.

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