• More defense, less standing around

    The all star game is just as the name says it is, an all star game. Players tend to not want to get hurt so they don't try as hard. This makes the event borderline unwatchable. The scores traditionally get up to the 150s and the teams put in virtually no effort on defense. Not to mention the game itself is virtually meaningless as it's only played for the entertainment of the fans. If there was some sort of added bonus for the winning team, like a cash payout or home field advantage in the NBA finals, that would make the game more watchable. For now it's basically a glorified scrimmage.

  • I think we do

    I don't see the point of the NBA all star game when there's no actual playing going on. There is literally no action going on during the game and the players don't seem to care. They might as well change the name to The Trick Shot Competition because that's what it's turned into. If they don't fix the games, I would imagine that people would get bored of it and stop watching.

  • We need to fix the NBA all star game

    The NBA all star game was just a ton of Allie oops and dunks, which sound pretty cool in the eyes of a 12 year old, but not a real NBA fan. There was absolutely no defense the whole game last year. Like everybody looked like Blake griffin or Demarcus cousins. It was just plain boring to watch. And it wasn't just last year. You know there is a problem when the total score of a game passes 300

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