• Same old argument, same answer needed

    Let's be fair to the free market position that coddles to small market teams that might have the potential to compete because they have more money. It's possible. That position says there will be parity, which is a fancy was of saying that giving teams limitless spending will open up the doors for smaller markets to compete with bigger markets. However, the argument is self-defeating. First of all, if a team is listed as a smaller market, it will, by definition, get out funded by larger markets. If there was no salary cap, smaller market teams still could not compete because larger markets will OUT PAY them for superstars, If that's not bad enough, "superteams" will be easy to form; if money is no problem, all the best free agents can just go to one team. That's the main point of a having a salary cap; it discourages and somewhat penalizes stars from lumping up together. Does that still happen? Isn't there really only a handful of seriously competitive teams loaded with more stars than all the others? Yes. There is, but those stars are either taking a pay cut to join up. If that isn't the case, they are forcing the team to sign really cheap role players, minimizing the impact.
    Regardless, a transition into having no salary cap would be detrimental to the league, at least for a short while. Player contracts will become bloated and out of control (look at baseball or European soccer league players with their contracts), and it's pretty obvious that owners will feel their pockets get burned. Sure, owners who want to win might want to spend more money, but market size is market size. Why would you want to play in OKC when NYC will offer way more money?

  • Yes They Should

    The NBA should definitely have a salary cap. The league already has a parity problem, and if they remove the salary cap it will become even bigger. Small markets will struggle to compete with big ones and owners that have billions of dollars to spend on start athletes It should stay the way it is..

  • With Some Changes

    There shouldn't be a salary cap and there shouldn't be a max Salary, however to make more parity there shouldn't be any unrestricted free agency either.

    As an NBA fan it sucks when a player decides to leave the team you're rooting for because there are more sponsorships or opportunities elsewhere. It's one of the reasons I stopped watching the NBA, because of their own accord players can leave and form super teams. Look at the Warriors that just added Demarcus Cousins.

    I think there shouldn't be a max salary, if teams want to take a player from another team they should be able to offer the player any amount they want and force the current team to match (players make more money that way). There also shouldn't be a salary cap, because it prevents teams from improving as well.

    It would make being a fan of the NBA easier again.

  • No Salary Cap = Parity

    Let's be honest about it, the NBA has never had Parity but at least there were 5 or 6 teams every year who had a legitimate shot to make it to the finals. Today's current NBA has devolved into LeBron vs. The warriors and it is ruining the game we once loved. Without a Salary Cap the Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Clippers, Heat, Celtics, 76ers, Wizards would all instantly be able to compete through free agency and no spending restrictions. Stars would be spread out on many teams instead of concentrated on a few teams and this would lead to parity. This argument that Salary caps=Parity is nonsense.

  • Look at OKC

    If the nba had no salary cap the opposite of what people think would happen. Small market teams would have a better chance to compete and league interest would grow. Consider that small market teams are still owned by billionaires. For an example, look at the Thunder. Durant left and they traded away Ibaka didn't and didn't resign Waiters to give more money to Westbrook. Now look even further back to when they traded away Harden who was going to be too expensive. All of these moves took place because the management was trying to stay under the cap. Take that cap away and instead of having a superteam in the warriors who keep their same 2016 roster, there is another superteam in OKC. Perfect example of how a small market would win big, but cannot because of the existing salary cap.

  • It's my money. I'll spend it when I need it.

    The NBA shouldn't have a salary cap because the owners and GMs earned their money, and they should be able to spend as much as they want to get a better team. If a player deserves a large amount of money and works extra hard to bring in the big bucks, he should be able to be paid like he does.

  • NBA Players paid cheap

    Have you ever noticed in other sports that players get paid more . LeBron James wants a big contract but the stupid ass commissioner will not notice.He wants the NBA to be soft.Kobe Durant Rose Wade one of the biggest stars in the NBA paid little.Football and Soccer stars like Messi And Flaco get paid over the team limit.The commissioner should remove this immidietly

  • The Salary Cap makes the game frustrating

    It's annoying to see deals that will never happen because teams are stuck with bad contracts. If the salary cap is removed then it allows for more trade mobility and freedom for players to play where they want to play. Also, it makes the NBA overly complicated when memorizing random rules such as the amnesty clause, the luxury tax, and the mid level exception is almost as important as knowing about the game itself.

  • No, this should be up to the owners and the players.

    If they can agree, then that should be good enough for everyone else involved. I feel the players and owners will fight more with a cap in place. It is really time for these sport organizations to stop all the bickering.

  • No, the NBA should not have a salary cap.

    I do not think that the NBA should have a salary cap. The players and the owners should be the ones to decide how much a player should be paid. This should be on an individual basis. Supply and demand applies in the NBA just the same as with every other product on the market. If need be, the cap will implement its self.

  • Unnecessary.

    While considering the current times of the NBA, and the advent of the superteam (the Heat, the Lakers, etc) may be an argument for a salary cap in order to ensure that such things don't happen, it is largely unnecessary. Because those very superteams are what is spurring on a large increase of viewership. They're exciting, and that's what people want to see.

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