• It should be raised it is about time!

    I see so many goal attending and just dunking with no effort! The players need to earn their basket. The post should be at least 11 feet to restore some parity. These 7 foot guys just can put their hand inside the basket without even taking a hop! It is high time nba made this change. I am annoyed why they have not done it already!

  • Make the dunk exciting again.

    With the size and athleticism of todays professional athletes, it is clearly time to adapt both the height of the rim and size (width) of the court. I would love to see a progression, similar to the 3 point line that we have from high school to college to the NBA. Leave high school rims at 10'. Raise NCAA rims to 10'3" and the NBA to 10'6". This will improve play in the paint, as well as increase the excitement for the dunk on the end of a fast break, which is no big deal today.

  • Yes they should

    They should raise the rim because there is nothing but duncking in the nba and it would be nice to have some real basketball not duncking twenty/four seven. If u dont raise the rim then the basketball assotiation will be filed with dunking dunking and more dunking. We should raise the rim

  • Why not raise it?

    Sure having it raised by one foot will be hard but why can't it be adjusted by at least 6 inches. I mean all people need is practice. Think of the kids when they just started growing its just like that and 6 inches will barely make a difference. P.S. Somewhere in US they already have 11 foot basketball rims.

  • No. The basket should not be raised.

    Raising the basket will inherently change the nature of the game of basketball, due to its importance in the main objective of basketball. While the height of the Homo Sapiens has increased over time, simply raising the basket to help account for this difference may have significant unpredictable consequences in the game.

  • No, the NBA shouldn't raise the basket.

    What they need to do is eliminate all rules from the last 10 years. The modern NBA has been ruined by the referees ability to completely control a game one way or the other. There are far too many fouls and free throws for the game to be enjoyable anymore. The NBA needs to fix current problems before creating new ones.

  • No raising the basket

    No, the NBA should not raise the basket. It is already high enough at 10ft. The players won't be able to make any dunks if they made it higher. Dunks draw the attention of the audience, and if no one could make a dunk, it's not as fun to attend an NBA game.

  • It is high enough.

    The regulation NBA basket height is more than high enough for it's purposes. Yes, as time goes on the average height of the players grow. It happens. But until the dunk is worth more than the skill shot that is a three pointer, there is no reason to attempt to lower the amount of dunks. Especially when a dunk really rouses the crowd.

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