Should the NBA raise the minimum age limit for playing in the league?

  • Yes, they should.

    Look at players like Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin, James Harden, even the best player in the world, Stephen Curry, all stayed in college for 2 years at least. Look at guys like Skal Labbisiere. Top prospect in HS, potential number 1 pick in a draft with Ben Simmons, to a dissapointing college season, yet he still heads over to the NBA without even being able to post up properly. Kris Dunn, was projected to go late 1st round in the 2015 draft after his junior year, was a top 5 pick. 20 is a great age. I mean, what's the big deal, better league is whats at stake.

  • No, it seems to be working

    I don't see what the problem with the minimum age limit is right now. Isn't it based on the fact that players of that age are capable of making their very own decisions? Then why in the world would we have to raise the age limit? It seems that things are working now.

  • No They shoulld Not Raise the age

    As an adult, people who are teenagers are granted the right to make decisions on their own for where they want to work. If a young person is a talented athlete, then it is a win-win situation for both player and the team that drafts him. The question of prohibiting a young man from playing in the NBA is like prohibiting a young person from going to a top tier college because of his youth.

  • They Should Not Raise The Minimum

    The NBA does not need to raise the minimum age to pay in the league. The system they have now where a player must have at least one year of college works fine. There are no huge pros for raising the limit. You can either play at a high level or you cannot. Age should not be a big factor.

  • No the NBA should not raise the minimum age limit for playing in the league.

    I think the NBA age limitations are good where they are now. If a player is talented enough to get drafted before college, then he should have the choice whether or not he would like to go to college. Many players have been draft to the league successfully without any problems.

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