• It's too long

    If we had less games, it means more meaningful games, which means higher ratings. One team never plays a teams more than 2 times in a row during the season, so why should they play 7 game series in the playoffs? Please NBA, I need you to just hear me out.

  • Yes shorten it

    Take too long to even get to the all star weekend and I can't even talk about the finals at school because we out in May. The playoffs are ok but the season is just too long. Every game is exciting but players do have lives and get tired. Make a change NBA like now!

  • Yes, please shorten the season

    Although the playoffs have been awesome so far, the NBA season feels like it has dragged on. If you think about it now, the season goes essentially from October to June (9 months!). This is really too long. College basketball has it about right (December to Aprl) but I wouldn't mind seeing something like December to June. The Fall is football season anyways and I personally don't start getting interested in the NBA until around mid december when college football is wrapping up. Anyways just a thought but really 9 months is so long… and one other thing to mention for those of us who are fans of teams that didn't make the playoffs is that I wouldn't mind seeing less playoffs and more regular season. Shorten the playoff series to best out of 5.

  • Yes, it drags on.

    I say yes. It drags on, and then the playoffs seem to continue way too far into the summer. Have a slightly shorter season where each game carries slightly more weight, and people will be more enthusiastic about the playoffs when they arrive. I already start to check out mentally before the season ends.

  • If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

    I like the 82 game season that the NBA has. It works perfectly for them and all of the fans. The years starts off subtly then really picks up after Christmas. Less games would mean less money for owner and would leave fans upset that they cannot watch their team more.

  • No, the NBA season should not be shortened.

    The NBA cannot be shortened for revenue reasons. This is actually why the NBA expanded it's playoff schedule a few years back. More games means more revenue, and with ratings and attendance dropping, capitalizing more from the hardcore fan base is essential for their prolonged survival.

    If it wasn't for this reason I would say yes, the NBA season should be shortened. The extension of the season will only keep the league afloat for a short time, unless other issues are addressed.

  • No the NBA season should not be shortened.

    I think the amount of games the NBA consists of during a regular season is great. When the NBA was going through a lockout fans were angry and frustrated at the league. Shortening the season would piss off all the fans even more, every fan of the league would rather more than less now.

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