Should the NCAA take better care of their schools and players after graduation?

Asked by: Jrod15
  • Too many arrests

    For many college athletes, college is the higher level of competition they will be at. Many will become ordinary people. I feel the NCAA has not helped these kids after it is done. It is even worst when some don't help out when they have a career ending injury. They just give them comp.

  • Yes because without those athletes that certain college would have no records for their school.

    I think that supporting a graduate would be really nice of the college to do if he did something for the school. It doesn't sound really good ,but if that certain graduate did something for the school they should get something in return. So i do think that the the past students at a specific college should a little something in return for his or her hard work ethic.

  • The students should have actually WORKED in college then.

    A college or its organizations have no responsibility to "take care of" student athletes after graduation. Perhaps the players should have remembered what college is actually FOR- not for athletics, but for education- and pursued a degree that would assist them in getting a job in the future.

    Athletes are not special, they do not deserve preferential treatment for the rest of their lives.

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