• Yes, The New Kadampa Tradition may be religion in future

    Yes, The New Kadampa Tradition brings a diverse group of people together in one thought and one purpose and may be considered as religion. They practice Buddhist traditions in mediation and chants and attitude, but they focus in on peace.If the people in the groups are doing good, Nothing wrong to accept it as a religion.

  • Yes, New Kadampa Tradition should be primarily viewed as a religion.

    I think that the New Kadampa Tradition should be primarily viewed as a religion. I think that their beliefs and practices are in line with what religions usually do. I think that it would be fair to classify New Kadampa as a religion despite having some view points that are disagreeable.

  • It falls under Buddhism

    Which makes it a religion in my eyes. They are the teachings that are more updated to modern standards. It is something most religions have done to make them seem more credible and not so archaic. This way they can keep expanding their religion and allow new members to join their beliefs. Even religion needs to up date its standards and need to use marketing to sell their new standards.

  • It is mainstream mediation.

    No, the New Kadampa Tradition should not be primarily viewed as religion, because it focused more on commercial activities. The New Kadampa Tradition focuses primarily on meditation. This is done without specific confines of beliefs, other than general Buddhist principles. This is more general wellness, rather than a specific religion.

  • No, it does not have enough support

    No, the difference between religions and cults or minor spiritual groups is that religions have a significant amount of political clout. If the New Kadampa Tradition were to gain a number of influential adherents and secured a modest amount of support from citizens, then it could be more realistically viewed as a religion.

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