Should the New Orleans Hornets change their name to the Pelicans?

  • Yes, Change the name.

    The Hornets are property of Charlotte, North Carolina. New Orleans has every right to change their acquired NBA team to the Pelicans, since the Pelicans truly represent Louisiana, and the restoration of the 2010 BP oil spill. The Pelicans are survivors of the BP oil spill and inspiration to the people of Louisiana. It makes no sense for New Orleans to use the Hornets as a team mascot, even though Utah adopted the Jazz, their former NBA team, unless Louisiana’s gross domestic product becomes honey. Louisiana would have stronger sense of ownership of their NBA team with the name change. To bring back tourists to New Orleans, changing the NBA team mascot to the pelicans, which is Louisiana's state bird, would be both advantageous and lucrative to Louisiana’s economy.

  • Keep the Name

    If they were going to change it, they should have done so when they moved. The Utah Jazz have kept their name since they moved out to Utah from New Orleans to Utah. The name makes little regional sense but since they've been around so long it should be kept. I understand trying to get local roots developed but the name is a marketing blunder at best.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • They Shouldn't Change It

    The New Orleans franchise should not change their names. The Pelicans sounds horrible and is a joke. It might be the worst NBA name ever and the emblem for that franchise is going to look ridiculous. They should have been more creative when picking a name for that particular team.

  • No, Keep it as it is.

    A sports team is an integrative part of a local culture, having made its way into so many aspects of daily life there; merchandising, advertising, team spirit--they're all intimately tied to the identity of the team. Changing the name after the team is already established is just difficult and expensive in so many ways, including redistribution of new merchandise, disposal of old merchandise, renaming everything from bumper stickers to dishes at the local sports bar, and promotional travel materials.

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