Should the New Orleans Saints have fired their defensive coordinator Rob Ryan?

  • Don't let the door hit ya

    Ryan needs to be gone. Under his direction, all we've seen is mediocre quarterbacks and mediocre offenses. Status quo may be appropriate in the board room, but definitely not on the field, and that's all Ryan demands. The team needs a spark-- anything, really-- to make it a team worth watching. Ryan is definitely not that.

  • Rob Ryan needs to go

    In professional sports the coaches and athletes have one job, to win. After giving up 47 points in a loss to Washington redskins, he should lose his job, as well as the players. However, as a coach Ryan was giving the instructions and athletes are expected to follow the lead of their coach. The coach has the ultimate responsibility of the win or loss in this case. If I did not perform at my job, I would also be fired and professional athletles and coaches are no different.

  • Yes, the New Orleans Saints should have their fired their defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

    The team was not going in the right direction. They were struggling in many things such as substitutions, getting lined up, etc. The team was not able to perform in their top most form because of their defensive coordinator. They were ranking the lowest in the leagues as well. All of this were due to the fact that the defensive coordinator could not do a great job. So, I believe the New Orleans Saints should have fired their defensive coordinator.

  • Yes, he should be fired.

    It comes down to whether the job is getting done. In this case, it isn't. He might be a great guy, but his playbook is just not translating for the Saints. Get someone else in there who is a better fit for the team. The firing is unfortunate, but necessary. Time to move on to another defensive coordinator.

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