Should the new policy be repealed so Imabench will stay with us?

Asked by: AngelofDeath
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  • If Imabench wants to return he still can.

    Flame wars are a detriment to site. Imabench has been in a lot of them in the past. If he thinks that not being able to flame anytime he wants is an issue and he wants to leave this site because of it. So Be It. The new policy negates Imabench's reasoning for starting the wars.

  • No, and I like imabench.

    Honestly, I am no bothered about this policy and just carrying on as I did before. If someone is going to get angry and report me for violating something they would have done it anyway. If I get banned for it, I would have done anyway. The policy will change nothing as cry babies will cry always with or without the policy.

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