• Yes, the allegations are far too heinous to continue to cover.

    It's a horrible smear on the church that cannot go away. Ignoring the acts and dismissing the implications can only keep the public at bay for so long. We're at a new time of information accessibility, abuse cannot be subverted and it will continue to come to light unless harsh sanctions are enacted.

  • It should be the first thing he does.

    The very first order of business for the new Pope should be to address sex abuse scandals, and re-investigate all cases of abuse that have come before the clergy. He should also welcome those who have remained silent to come forward, and should promise to get rid of any priest who has hurt a child or an adult. There should be high publicized zero tolerance for pedophilia in the church.

  • Should but won't

    The church has a pretty detailed history of barely acknowledging this and largely treating it like a thing that doesn't really happen. It would be nice to see an acknowledgement of how serious the problem is that was sincere, but I'm not holding my breath waiting and I don't think anybody else should either.

  • The new pope should stay out of the sex abuse scandals because they don't have to do with the Vatican.

    The new pope should not involve himself in the sex abuse scandals unless they directly involve the Vatican. The churches where the sex abuse takes place should be the ones who address these issues. There is not much that the new pope can do about the scandals and it's up to the individual churches to seek disciplinary action or practice stricter hiring policies.

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