• Yes, the new Pope should be from the third world if possible.

    It is my belief that if Jesus were among us today, that he would be spending his time working in the poorest and most desperate areas of the world. I feel that a Pope from a poor area would have a better understanding of what the world needs as opposed to what the world wants. A Pope from a third world country would appreciate more the plight of the masses if he had witnessed it first hand himself.

  • Yes, it would be nice if he were.

    The biggest proportion of the Catholic faith followers are people from third world countries, and it would be nice if they were to have a pope that represents them as more than just a figurehead. Perhaps such a pope would be more in touch with the real problems that Catholics face.

  • He would be a better Pope.

    The new Pope should most certainly be from the third world. A world religious leader from the outside fringe would bring new life and vitality to the Catholic Church, which is suffering from declining membership and corrupt behavior from it's first world clergy. It might spur more humanitarian activity and less sex abuse cover ups.

  • Not necessarily.

    The new pope should be from where ever the most qualified candidate lives. I don't think he must be from the third world, anymore then he must be from Europe or the United States. We have to pray that the Cardinals receive the guidance they need from the Holy Spirit to select the best new pope possible, regardless of where he's from.

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