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  • No, the next Pope should NOT be more of a CEO.

    The Pope is the head of a religion, not a corporation. It is in the business of people, caring for and about them. CEO's are worried about the bottom line, they don't see people, they faceless numbers. If the church starts acting like a business, it'll be filing chapter 11 very soon. The church needs to be compassionate, modest and prove to it's followers that it cares, appointing a CEO type will send the opposite message, that it will be run like a business.

  • What does this even mean?

    I don't think I even understand what this question is even trying to ask? What does acting like a CEO have to do with running a religious group? Religion is not a business, and as such does not need a CEO or a CEO mindset to run it. Let the pope be a religious man first.

  • Religion is not a business!

    Last time I heard, Catholicism is a religion that has been around for ages. The pope needs to address problems and concerns of his followers, instead of thinking of them as dollar signs. Big business operates how can we maximize profit. When big business is involved, the followers are the ones who lose!

  • Religion should not be a business.

    I think the problem is that in the past, like in the 1500's, Religion was considered a business and a part of politics as well. I think the best thing would be for the Catholic church to focus on reforming themselves, setting higher standards, and stay in tune with religion.

  • He is Head of a Religion, not a Company.

    Catholicism is not a company. It is a religion and should be treated as such. The Pope is there to uphold the doctrines, not to make business decisions. He should focus on helping his followers by providing them with counsel and helping those grieved by losses. Leave religion and business separate.

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