Should the new Star Trek Beyond movie be more like the original series?

  • Star Trek Unchanged

    For those that say " No", then ask yourself, " Is this what Gene Roddenberry envision?" If you say No, then let someone create their own Sci-Fi universe and see if it can be a hit. Stop piggybacking on a great and successful Sci-Fi universe!
    Star War was able to become a great and successful Sci-Fi Universe.
    How about an alternate universe for Star Wars then, too.
    STNG was a successful .... Now DS9 and Voyager ... Sigh not so much.

  • People don't like to change the expected image of the movie

    Ask any screenwriter and director currently involved in a young franchise and they'll say the same thing. We haven't met the characters yet. We haven't established the universe. Baby steps, etc. It gets a little frustrating because for once you'd like to see one movie without being pressured into seeing another.

  • Pleasing Original Fans

    I believe that the new Star Trek movie should be more like the original series so that original cast and fans can be pleased and not view this as 'just another rip-off reboot to cash out on an insanely popular franchise". Because, sadly, these days, that is happening quite a lot and it is a valid concern.

  • New is always better

    We should make movies that go with the current generation needs, not make old stuff. We need to rethink what star track is and make a movie that goes better with today's technology and understanding of the world. Movies should keep the original flavour but be in a modern day wrap.

  • No, Star Trek Beyond should build from, not replicate, the original series.

    No, Star Trek Beyond should not be more like the original series. People would watch the original series if that is what they wanted to see. Scientific understanding and elements of story have both progressed since the heyday of the original Star Trek series. This new movie should reflect that fact and be aimed at entertaining a contemporary audience.

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