Should the New York Post issue a formal apology for their irresponsible reporting following the Boston bombings?

  • The New York Post should issue a formal apology.

    Irresponsible reporting is one of the biggest offenses that any form of news can commit. The ultimate goal of any news source should ultimately be to provide accurate and unbiased news. By not living up to these standards the New York Post and severely failed at their job and the public deserves an apology.

  • Yes, a formal apology should be issued

    In today's world of terrorist attacks and all sort of heinous crimes, it is imperative that the media give an accurate account of these events to keep the public properly informed. Lies and inaccurate information can instill more fear in people which is not good for national morale at all. People also need to have truthful information to keep their families as safe as possible, which is why truthful reporting is a must. When a story is not reported correctly, apologies should be made promptly.

  • Yes the New York Post owes the subject of their irresponsible reporting a formal apology.

    The actions of the New York Post in publishing, and refusing to correct their error, are a prime exhibit of irresponsible journalism. In refusing to retract their published statements that suspects had been arrested and posting photos of an alleged suspect (without ever contacting law enforcement) they put the life of an innocent person in danger and hindered getting the assistance of the public in finding the actual suspects.

  • Yes, an apology is necessary.

    The media is a very powerful tool, because it is the only way most people find out about current events. When a major publication like the New York Post makes a mistake by not accurately reporting on a major news story that has affected so many lives like the Boston bombings, a formal apology is in order.

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