• No opinions wanted

    I really want to hear from anyone feels differently. There is no news outlet that is fact based only. Leading the audience via opinions is not helpful and just adds to the conflict over issues we are facing as a nation. Think of the additional news that could be presented if they cut out the opinions and views of those reporting.

  • News should present the facts... So I can decide how to react.

    The news has become an emotionally charged environment of opinion and counter attacks. The sensationalist nature of the networks have increased the tension and fear of this and other nations. The news media should be an avenue for dispensing facts so that people can make self governed decisions and encourage meaningful conversation an debate over the issues. It is through these actions that we can come to consensus on the issues and make more educated decisions.

  • News Should Be Unbiased

    Yes, the news should just be the facts and unbiased in any way. The purpose of the news is to report on goings-on and happenings, not to color public discourse with harsh or friendly words, depending upon the agenda. No current news group does this, as all are yellow journalism, and that is a shame.

  • We need to know what has happened.

    A newscaster should broadcast just the facts. They should do their best to keep their opinions out of the news. It is wrong for them to share their opinions and try to influence the public. The viewers should be told of what has happened so that they can come up with their own conclusions.

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