Should the next American generation work together to have a voice in society today?

Asked by: Monkey1354321
  • It is time for the Millennial Generation to rise up.

    I think the age is defined as those born between 1980-1992. My kids fall in this group. This generation has been held back, by the decisions made in government. They've been sent into 2 wars, then unable to get benefits they desperately need. They've lost jobs, in the Great Recession. Many still are struggling with unemployment or under-employment. They have lost Education funding, scholarships, etc. they have delayed marriage and families, in an effort to get on their feet. And no one in Washington is listening or addressing their needs! The last generation to suffer similar setbacks became known as the " Greatest Generation". Once Millennials start to stand-up, vocalize, show their knowledge as well as their strength in numbers, politicians will have to listen. At that point, they will be come a force to be reckoned with -- a really great generation!

  • Removing petty arguments...

    If the teens and older kids of today can use their creativity to apply themselves to world problems, just think of how much better our lives could be. Not nationalism, Marxism, or anything extreme like that, but some sort of senate/forum system where we (kids) can unite on ideas. And who knows? Maybe we can make our own little party. :)

  • High time young people given the chance to be heard.

    Why wait for the next generation to have their voice heard? We have young people today who are desperate to have their opinions and suggestions to be heard and considered by the higher authorities to be taken into action. In today's modern society, young people mature faster alongside their knowledge and awareness of the current issues circulating around them. While some say they are too young to get involved in something so grave, maybe these people with this kind of mind-set should be reminded of what young people have seen and heard things they wish to be discussed formally and seriously. They are not children who has very little idea of everything else, but young people with a mind and a wanting to be given a proper stage for their voices to be heard.

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