• I think that the next justice should be decided by popular opinion.

    I think that the next justice should be decided by popular
    opinion. I Think that all Supreme Court
    justices should be voted on and decided by popular opinion. Supreme Court justices serve for a long time
    and influence many of the laws of our country.
    That’s too much power for us to let justices be picked according to
    partisan politics.

  • That's a terrible way to get a judge.

    No, the next justice of anything should not be decided by popular opinion. I have a problem with popular opinion, or general elections, doing anything with regard to judges on our highest court. The Supreme Court should be above the kind of interference that the executive and legislative branches are required to endure.

  • The next justice should not be decided by popular opinion.

    The next justice of the supreme court should not be decided by a popular election because this violates the constitution. According to the document, justices are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Unless congress amends the constitution before another judge is appointed, there is not reason to change the policy.

  • Can't Just Change Things

    I'm not particularly fond of the way justices are placed, but I do feel that it gives a wide variety as an end result. I do not believe the next justice should be decided by popular opinion because that's clearly not the way the laws state it is to be done. I believe if we want to change this, it should go through the proper channels.

  • No, Justices are appointed by the President.

    While it may seem odd that the President gets to appoint the Justices of the Supreme Court, this has been the way it has always been done. In order to keep checks and balances and make sure that a judge isn't appointed that is heavily biased, the Justice must also be questioned by and approved by the Senate. This process already works fine, so there's no reason to require a vote by the people.

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