• Yes, but not most of them that are seeking the Presidency now

    The next US President SHOULD be a Republican, however, we cannot handle another "establishment" Republican. It needs to be someone who is charasmatic, can explain their principles and ideals to everyday Americans, preferably someone who is or has been in Middle-class America and someone who is able to distinguish circumstances where compromises should be made and ones where compromises are off the table. We need someone who believes in the free market and the Constitution and who supports the principles America was founded on to begin with.

  • No Republican should ever be president again!

    The Republicans are only for big corporations, not the people. They don't care if you have health care, a job you can survive on, a way to retire, a roof over your head or anything else you need to live. All they care about is tax cuts to the rich, stopping gays from getting married, forcing unwanted children into the world and praying to Jesus.

  • No, not unless he/she's capable.

    I had high hopes for Santorum last round, but his wild ideals turned off his own fanbase. I'm a liberal and usually vote Democrat but that isn't always the case. Romney, for example, was more moderate than he would ever admit, but then again he was a liberal and a conservative whenever he felt he needed to. I'll make that decision whenever election time comes around. If there's only chumps on the Democrat side, I'll go with my instincts.

  • No, not unless the people vote for one.

    This is hardly something to comment on because the next president may well be a Republican if they can come up with someone that people would vote for. Right now we have a Congress that that is pretty much divided, and simply saying we should have a Republican president next time without saying that that person would be able to lead the nation well just accentuates that divide.

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