• I hate the excessive and choreographed celebrations.

    It’s been said over and over. Act like you’ve been there before. Your team is losing by 20 points and you finally made a stop on defense or a first down on offense. You need to celebrate? That was your job man! Get the heck back in the huddle. If I didn’t love football or my team so much I’d probably stop watching. I think I’m gonna write a letter to someone who actually cares.

  • Please ban celebrations.

    They really need to act there age. No other sport celebrates with the self grandizing acts that pro football player do for something they get paid to do.
    And now I guess the refs. And tv cameras think it’s fine for a group of players To do a stupid little skit, As if it’s not taunting if a group does it.
    I, D be embarrassed if my ten year old child did it.

  • Waste of time and shows a lack of professionalism.

    Joe Paterno said "when you get into the end zone, Act like you've been there before. " He was right.
    But the real issue is personal celebration while the ball is still in the field of play. Yeah, You made a good tackle, So shut up and play. When your team is down a touchdown or more, You don't get to strut. Do your job and get THE TEAM back on top. It's about the team not the individual wanting attention.

  • Pretty much what everyone else has said.

    I can't believe it's even a debate. Unfortunately, My stupid ass generation has no idea what terms like sportsmanship, Respect, Or honor mean. Celebrations have taken all of that out of the game. Can you imagine hockey players doing shit like this lol? Hell no, You'd get punched in the face and rightfully so. The NFL has no backbone. They only allow it because it's entertainment that draws immature twats to the boob tube and bumps ratings. But has it though? Ratings are low as ever and instead of going in the right direction and bringing glory back to the game, They now went off the deep end.

    I'm the words of Vince Lombardi. . . "Act like you've been there before. "

  • Arrested Development, Grow up

    It's like watching romper room with all the children's references to Star Wars and duck duck goose. Act like adults. I don't mind a quick celebration of high fives and slamming the ball, but the coordinated dancing and immature games have to go. This stuff has a lot to do with the diminishing interest to watch the nfl. This crap is also ruining nfl shows on tv. Grow up millennials.

  • NFL = men that act like a Candy Ass to get attention

    Look at me. Look at me. Hey, look at me - I'm a grown ass man that can run a 4.4 forty, bench press four hundred pounds and act like a jackass after scoring a touchdown. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

  • Bad example for kids

    First off it’s a distraction from the game and a waste of time. It has no place in a professional sport. Secondly it is extremely unsportsmanlike, only immature people find that stuff funny and it may incite fights. Lastly and most importantly it is teaching kids who idolize these athletes that caring about the other team doesn’t matter and that it’s ok to rub it in. This translates into their every day life as well and teaches them to act in a bad way in all aspects of life.

  • Touchdown over celebrations

    I don't have a problem with celebration of touchdowns, but with just like kids you give them a inch they want a mile! It's getting ridiculous to the point they players are looking stupid!!! Case in point, don't remember the game but team scored and like five guys acted like they were in a potato sack race!!!! WTH!!!! A class act was the great Barry Sanders Detroit lions when he scored he gave the ball to the referee. You did what you are getting paid millions for now go set down!!!

  • NFL players are talented. They should be able to celebrate.

    They need to get rid of these idiots banning celebrations. The first smart thing to do is get rid of Goodell. He's totally useless. I am to the point where I don't want to watch anymore. NFL sucks anymore. So they are pretty much making people not want to watch anymore.

  • The NFL shouldn't ban touchdown celebrations!

    Touchdown celebrations are a part of the game and have been ever since Homer Jones started the " the spike " in 1965 . All the fans love it and all the player is doing is he's letting out positive emotions , so should we ban smiling too . And plus the nfl has many more issues to focus on other than dancing in the end zone .

  • No NFL ban on touchdown celebrations

    Scoring a touchdown is an exciting and emotional occurrence. In all sports, athletes celebrate when they score are best an appointment. Touchdown celebrations are a reflection of a football players excitement at scoring. There is nothing negative about them, and should actually be encouraged to continue. There is a whole market which the NFL can capitalize on if done properly.

  • The NFL should not ban touchdown celebrations

    I think many people find touchdown celebrations to be entertaining and just a part of the game. As long as the player does not go on for an excessive amount of time and provided there is not direct taunting of the other teams players, I think a celebration is fine. The NFL has bigger issues to worry about other than a player doing a dance in the end zone.

  • Football is a Sport

    Touchdown celebrations should not be banned - the player has successfully performed a task and should be able to celebrate. Additionally, football is for entertainment, and the touchdown celebrations are just that. Its not a serious thing - its not as though a prosecution lawyer is doing a celebratory dance for getting the death penalty for a defendant.

  • The NFL shouldn't ban touchdown celebrations they are a part of the game!

    Touchdown celebrations are a part of the game of football and have been since the very first football game between Rutgers and Princeton. There is no reason to consider an absolute ban on touchdown celebrations. They bring color and fan interaction to game and remember the NFL is a business. You don't keep the fans happy, you won't be selling many tickets!

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