Should the NFL be able to maintain its non-profit status?

Asked by: FutureUSSenator
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  • NFL is NOT a Non-profit Organization

    Pfft. When have NFL ever been a non-profit organization? For decades, we Americans have been spending billions of dollars a year on this sport, "football", much of which we could well have spent on education.
    Due to the ubiquity of the sport in the US, the NFL is gaining a net pay of so much money that it is very... Opulent. We must fix our addle-minded fascination with the sport.

  • 9 Billion Dollars

    How can the NFL keep the status when it makes 9 billion+ dollars a year? That money could be used to help supporter causes. If they are netting that much money, they should pay taxes on it. Why do we allow this giant corporations to get away with things like this. It is time to open our eyes and make a change!

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