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Huge waste of time and money

  Maybe without the nfl sucking up our time and money, we would pay more attention to the world around us, and not be so easily led to believing opinions pushed on us by the media and those that hold the most $, which are mostly against the public's best interest. And... Non-profit my arse. At the very least the nfl should be paying taxes at the highest allowable rates
travspong says2014-12-02T15:21:38.103
travspong says2014-12-02T15:21:45.637
Very wrong
Michaelgdog says2015-02-03T20:43:34.240
Madden series is garbage anyways,madden NFL 15 is the worst,they should have made dangerous hunts on the ps 4 instead of crappy madden NFL games.
Michaelgdog says2015-03-18T14:04:37.883
The Baltimore ravens cheated against the Pittsburgh steelers in the wildcard game by a kneecap fumble that was suppose to be overturned or something overule,2nd the patriots should have never won the superbowl xlix because they cheated during the colts game by a deflated football which was really illegal in the game itself,so,two mistakes happen which the players are overpay which caused the NFL to go on strike. Seems fair.
likemike2288 says2015-11-05T18:27:32.977
The idea that we should make the NFL, or any other organization pay taxes is absolutely ridiculous. Given that taxes are nothing but slavery. Also if we were going to require the NFL to pay taxes, then the catholic church should also be required to do so(at least the united states based organizations). The catholic church is the richest organization in the world and pays nothing in taxes. You could also argue that religion is a complete waste of time and money. Also if you want to talk safety the NFL may be responsible for a few deaths due to injury, yet the catholic church has killed more people than the NFL by far. So if you really wish to ban the NFL we should also ban the catholic church
Jhoward1046 says2015-12-10T02:55:20.107
What in holy hell is a kneecap fumble. I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan and I never heard anything about that please explain.
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