• Let Them Play

    During a play in a NFL game 22 players are on the field. Some of the world's most elite athletes. Wearing hard plastic, moving at unbelievable speeds, AND MAKING MILLIONS!!!!! They knew what they were getting into when they put on their uniform. Next in the sport of boxing, boxers won't be able to punch in the face. SMH......

  • Injuries are not really decreasing

    Since the defence can not risk hitting any where above the waist, they have to go and target knees. Look how many knee injuries have happened already this year? Players are afraid to tackle above the waist cause if it looks bad, they'll get flagged and fined. So instead they tackle low and end someone's career with a serious knee injury.

  • Let Them Play

    Yes, the NFL should be less strict when it comes to hits. It seems like there are much more penalties and fines due to hits these days. Football is a violent game and players should be able to play without worrying about being fined or penalized due to the way they hit someone.

  • It brings excitement.

    The very tradition of the game is steeped with huge hits, monstrous blows, and gigantic collisions. The concerns over concussions are very real, but at the same time the players are very well compensated for their participation and they also know exactly what they're getting into. A player can receive a career ending hit at any time. It's what they're paid for, as morbid as it seems.

  • The league is fine the way it is

    While we have the tendency to question a call during a game every now and then, I personally feel the NFL's rules and regulations are just fine the way they are. If they were decide to cut back on the strict hit policy, this could very well lead to more injuries, obviously having a negative effect on the team.

  • No, it's protecting the players

    Football is a dangerous sport, and these types of penalties are designed to protect the players from serious injury. Yes, they are doing this willingly and for our entertainment, but people in the heat of the moment are willing to do things that could potentially seriously injure themselves. If we lower these restrictions we are opening up a whole can of worms when it comes to injuries. These are people, not just robots. There is a lifetime of consequences that most players and fans just don't think about.

  • No, but the rules need to change

    I'm all for protecting players and trying to take out headshots, but some of the ways this is being done are idiotic. You can't have such blunt "if X happens, it's a penalty" rules regarding for example quarterbacks getting hit in the head. If I slam into Eli Manning's chest and break four of his ribs I'm okay, if a literal finger touches the crown of his helmet I'm penalized. That's stupid.

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