• Yes, the NFL should continue Thursday Night Football

    Yes, the NFL should continue Thursday Night Football. Every football fan that I know watches the Thursday night game same as they do Sunday and Monday games. It provides an additional day of entertainment, and additional day of revenue for the league. Now they just need to extend the season to cover more than 4 months and they will be set.

  • Yes, the NFL should continue with Thursday Night Football.

    Yes, there is strong demand for the NFL to continue with Thursday Night Football. Football is the most popular broadcast sport in the United States. Therefore, it makes sense for the NFL to continue televising games on Mondays and Thursdays. They will continue to provide fans with more opportunities to view games as well as to increase their advertising revenue.

  • Yes, For Thursday Night Football!

    Who doesn't love sitting down to watch a Thursday Night Football game? It's become a great part of our week and the fans would be deeply sadden to see it gone. While football would be just as good any night, the routine of watching on Thursday is one most fans wouldn't want to give up.

  • Thursday night football is a waste of time

    I think that Thursday night football just makes the players more tired and the coaches have not a lot of time to decide and when players are hurt they only have three days to recover after a injury so I say no to Thursday night football because its a waste.

  • No to Thursday Night Football

    There are already several other nights dedicated to NFL. Thursday Night Football just kind of seems obsolete in the scheme of things. There should be more time and money promoting Monday and Sunday night football instead, in my opinion. Thursdays are pretty busy nights during the week, toward the end of the week and not too many people are wanting to watch it.

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